One Lovely Blog Award

Cheryl at Gluten-free Goodness tagged me for  “One Lovely Blog Award“. 🙂  I was very honored to be tagged for this award.  Thanks Cheryl!! 🙂  Now, it is my job to tag 10 blogs which I find are deserving of the “One Lovely Blog Award“.    These aren’t all necessarily gluten-free, but other blogs that I find informative in one way or another & really enjoy reading.

  1. Angela at Oh She Glows – Angela has some awesome recipes & is a baker that hopes to be making gluten-free bars to add to her bakery very soon.
  2. Andrea at Off Her Cork – Always has fun & nutritious meals to blog about.  I get great ideas from Andrea.
  3. Katrina at Gluten-free Gidget – Very creative gluten-free cook.  Love the new puppy!!
  4. Jay at The Gluten-free Post – Jay has great information on his blog.
  5. Erin at Gluten-free with a Purpose – Erin is always making the most mouth-watering desserts!  I love this week’s “Tuesday with Dorie”….Applesauce Bars/Cake with Frosting
  6. Jenn at Jenn Cuisine – Jenn is an amazing cook & photographer. 
  7. Amy at Simple Sugar & Gluten-free – I love reading Amy’s recipes & learning how to cook without sugar, too.
  8. Ali at The Healthy Hostess – Ali has some great healthy recipes on her site. 
  9. Anna at Anna’s Eats – Anna is new to the blog world & I love reading her posts of what she eats & how she navigates her food world with allergies.
  10. Heidi at Adventures of a Gluten-free Mom – Heidi always has great, helpful information on her site.  I love the post she just did yesterday….a recipe for Condensed Cream of Tomato soup.

If I have tagged you, you can tag a number of blogs yourself or just simply accept that you have “One Lovely Blog“.  🙂  I enjoy reading them all.


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Happy Birthday Gluten-free is Life!!

August 12, 2009 was the 1st birthday for my blog!!  I have had a great time in the past year writing about all things gluten-free and sharing my experiences with my readers.  I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite posts & recipes from the past year with you. 

Most popular posts over the past year:

I look forward to blogging for another fun year!!  In this coming year I have a couple of big events coming up.  I am running my first half marathon in October & if that goes well, I will run a full marathon in May 2010.  I hope to bring lots more gluten-free information to all of my fabulous readers.  If you know of a product or a restaurant that I haven’t reviewed and would like me to, please let me know!  I am always open to suggestions!  🙂 

Most importantly, thank you to all of my readers. 



Also wanted to say a quick HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Gluten-free Homemaker!  Linda is also celebrating 1 year with her gluten-free blog. 


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