Product Reviews x 2!

The other day I mentioned that I had ordered some Pure Bars.  I reviewed Pure Bars a while back.  You can read my review here and here.  I received my variety pack order of Pure Bars yesterday!  I was so excited!!  I took one along with us to the Zoo today in case I was hungry.  Well, guess what?  I was hungry!  Training for a half marathon will do that to you!!  Today I sampled the Wild Blueberry Bar.



The first thing I noticed when I opened this bar was the awesome scent of blueberries!!  I couldn’t wait to dive right in!!  Do you see all those nuts in the picture?  There were also chunks of blueberries in the bar.  I was very pleased with this bar.  I honestly can’t tell you which of the 3 flavors I have tried is my favorite at this point in time.  I love them all.  🙂

Onto my next new yummy find!!  Blue Diamond Unsweetened Chocolate Almond Breeze!  I usually drink the Unsweetened Vanilla, but once I spotted the Chocolate, I knew I had to give it a try.  Oh.My.WOW.  Tastes like chocolate milk!  This stuff is so good!  If you like almond milk, or heck, even if you don’t, try this stuff!  45 calories/cup, too, BONUS!  I have been using this in my coffee & will try in my cereal this afternoon. 




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