There are a couple reasons for “WOO HOOS” this AM. First, I woke up to an email from a friend from an ebay forum/group that I belong to who offered to send me some much needed Book Sox!!! She keeps them (what a novel idea…must share that with Jon) and has a couple unused ones as well. That makes me smile and breathe a huge sigh of relief. Thanks Wendi, you ROCK!!

Second “WOOO HOOOO”…whatever was bothering my stomach yesterday has seemed to have gone away. At first I thought I had inadverantly come across some gluten. Then I thought that maybe it was the new Enjoy Life Cinnamon Granola that I had been eating (which, BTW, is awesome) or the Mary’s Gone Crackers that I had tried (also amazing). But I had neither of those things yesterday and stuck to my normal diet and everytime I ate my stomach just ached. I laid down late afternoon and started to feel a little better, to the point I was actually hungry. So, I ate dinner. Bad idea. My stomach was killing me by the time I was done. It was weird. I wasn’t nauseated, no intestinal stuff, just pain in my stomach. I remember feeling like this one other time about 7 or 8 years ago and whatever it was took me a week to get over. I literally had to eat so slowly that it took me over an hour to eat a half of a sandwich. I ended up going to bed very early (around 8:00 PM) and slept fairly well. I got up and didn’t feel too bad. I grabbed a Lara Bar to eat before I hit the gym and ate it very slowly. I had a great work out and have now eaten breakfast too and I feel great! Phew!!! So, hopefully, whatever it was, virus, gluten, who knows, it is gone!

Back to the Enjoy Life Granola for a moment. I bought this the other day b/c it was on sale and I wanted something new to top my GF Oatmeal or just snack on. This stuff is really good! It doesn’t have any oats in it at all. The list of ingredients are as follows:

Brown Rice Flakes; Rice Bran; Evaporated Cane Juice; Brown Rice Syrup; Raisins*; Water; Tapioca Flour; Cinnamon; Gum Arabic; Vanilla; Molasses; Ground Flaxseed; Rosemary Extract.

Jon likes the granola as well, though you can’t get the raisins past him! LOL! He picks those out, but eats the rest. This stuff would be really good on top of vanilla ice cream or yogurt, too. 🙂 So, if you have been thinking about trying this stuff, the Cinnamon Crunch is good. I have yet to try the others. I may give them a try, but don’t see Jon doing the Cranapple or Very Berry. If he won’t eat raisins, I don’t see him eating the dried berries.

Off to the movies today. I am taking Hannah to see Mamma Mia and Jon and his friend will go see something more “manly”.