Menu Plan ~ Week of September 29, 2008

Wow. I can’t believe that it is already Sunday night. Time really does fly. It seems like I just did my menu plan for last week. This week is going to be crazy, just as last week was. I have so much going on. I didn’t get half of what I wanted to get baked last week done, so I have moved some of it to this week. I am trying to concentrate on using stuff I have in the house and only buying fresh fruits, milk, eggs & veggies. Well, the $100 I spent at the grocery store today shows that I didn’t do as well as I had hoped! LOL! I really should stay out of the store when I am hungry.

Sunday ~ Grilled Salmon, okra medley (for me; brocooli for my peeps), steamed brown basmati rice and spinach salad. Oh, the kids also had leftover All Purpose Quick Bread.

Monday ~ Crockpot Roast Chicken, garlic mashed potatoes, steamed green beans & salad.

Tuesday ~ Mexican Pizzas with ground turkey taco meat, mexican rice, & salad.

Wednesday ~ Cheeseburger In Paradise. Hannah has ice skating.

Thursday ~ Filet mignon, baked sweet potatoes or baked sweet potato fries & spinach salads

Friday ~ Homemade pizza, steamed broccoli & salad

Saturday ~ Breakfast for dinner (french toast for the kids), veggie frittata for moi, bacon & sweet potato hash browns.

Baking Projects for the Week
Applesauce Cake
Pie in a Pumpkin
Chocolate Chewies
Pumpkin Muffins (did these once, I need to perfect them)

The Non-Traditional Labor Day Meal

When you think of Memorial Day, Fourth of July or Labor Day meals, you probably think of some kind of food cooked on the grill. Burgers, brats, ribs, chicken, kebobs, something along those lines. We have done a lot of that over the summer, so I opted for Breakfast for Dinner for our Labor Day meal. My kids love when we have breakfast for dinner. So do I, for that matter. I don’t know why, but breakfast tastes so much better when you eat it for dinner, you know exactly what I mean, admit it! Maybe it is because I don’t eat eggs, bacon, potatoes, pancakes, etc for my daily breakfast. I eat brown rice cakes with PB & J and fresh fruit usually. So on tonight’s menu I had bacon, fried potatoes, toast, omelets, fresh fruit and a surprise for my Jon-Jon and Hannah (really more for Jon-Jon, Hannah was just along for the ride since she isn’t restricted to a gluten-free diet). I had some Pamela’s Wheat Free Bread in the fridge and I decided to surprise Jon and make him Gluten-free French Toast with it! I had never made it GF before, but I figured it couldn’t be all that different from making it with gluten-filled bread. Here is the way I did it:

Gluten-Free French Toast

2 eggs, lightly beaten
Dash of 1% low-fat milk
Dash of cinnamon or nutmeg, your preference
2 pieces GF bread (I used Pamela’s Amazing Wheat Free)
Powdered Sugar
Syrup (We use Aunt Jemima)

1. Dip bread into egg mixture.
2. Place bread in heated frying pan or griddle over medium heat.
3. Cook 3-5 minutes per side (check to make sure you aren’t burning it….it should get nice & brown)
4. Remove from pan and top with powdered sugar & syrup.

Picture of the GF French Toast (before the syrup and after the powdered sugar)

Jon was very surprised and said that he didn’t like it, he LOVED it!!! He wants it every day for breakfast now. (What the heck was I thinking? I just made more work for myself every morning?!?) He had some bacon and fried potatoes along with his new-found breakfast for dinner love.

I did make Hannah some French Toast too, but I did hers after Jon’s and used regular bread for her. She saved one of her pieces for breakfast tomorrow. She voted Mommy’s French Toast better than her frozen Eggo Waffle French Toast Sticks (what an honor 😉 ).

I had a spinach, bacon & mushroom omelet, toast & butter (Pamela’s), fried potatoes, 1 slice of bacon and some Edy’s Dibs (oops….I missed out on my fruit b/c the darn Edy’s Dibs were calling my name!). On a side note, love that the Dibs are GF. I love the chocolate covered chocolate. They are only 15 calories each, serving size is 28!!!!! HEL-LO!!! I just like to eat a few at a time for a sweet treat.