Random Thoughts

How was everyone’s week?  I hope it went well.  🙂  Things were a little crazy in our family this week.  My sister delivered twin boys on Wednesday!!  Welcome Baby Wyatt & Baby Jack!!  They were premature, so they will be in the NICU for a while.  They just need to grow!  Congrats to Kelly, Greg & Noah!!

Baby Wyatt


Baby Jack


I have a bunch of small things to chat about, so I thought I would lump them into one post. 

Lara Bar Tropical Fruit Tart – One of the 3 new Lara Bar flavors.  I tried this the other day while running errands and was almost instantly transported to a tropical paradise (in my mind).  😉  LOL!  What a nice treat this bar is!!  A definite favorite here.  I can’t decide what my favorites are now….LOL!  I am loving the PB & J Lara Bar, too! 



Clif Shot Bloks – as my long runs increase, I need some kind of portable food to fuel me during my run.  I have tried the Gu Gels and while I liked them, I can’t handle the caffeine in the Gu.  I don’t drink any caffeinated beverages & the addition of these Gu gels was wrecking havoc on my whole day.  Clif Shot Bloks & Shots don’t have caffeine unless you specifically buy the ones with the caffeine in them.  I tried the Cran Razz Shot Blocks this AM and they worked great!!  I took 3 before my run and 3 during my run.  There are 6 in a pack for $2/pack (but there are 2 servings in a pack, making them comparable to the gels).  I also bought some of the Clif Gels to try out next week. 


Chipotle update note:  I had mentioned the other day in my review that the chips, taco shells & one salsa were not gluten-free.  This is NOT the case.  Everything is gluten-free except the flour tortillas!!  Going to get my chip on here in the next few days!  Go Chipotle!!! 

-Let’s talk okra for a minute.  I have grown up loving okra.  When I was between the ages of 4-8, we lived in Texas & my Dad grew okra in our garden.  Then my Mom would make fried okra.  Pure heaven.  Moving to New Jersey in 3rd grade was tough as it was with a Southern accent.  Then add to that that you can’t get fried okra anywhere and you have torture!  LOL!  I remember loving going on vacation anywhere where I could get some fried okra.  Enough about my childhood.  Since I have grown up, I have grown to like okra without it being fried.  I love it sauteed, as you can see here in my okra medley.   The other day I was reading some blogs on my Google reader (thanks to whoever recommended that…it rocks!) and saw a few eating whole, raw okra dipped in ketchup.  I had to try this.  So, for lunch yesterday in addition to my deli wrap, I had raw okra dipped in ketchup.  It was awesome!!  So crisp & crunchy!!  Why haven’t I tried this before?  Naturally gluten-free, too!!


Cherbourg Bakery is now in 2 new locations in Columbus!!!  See my Examiner post for more info.

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Hope you all have a great weekend!!!  Any special plans?  Aaron & I have date night planned tomorrow night!  Dinner out & we are seeing The Hangover.  I can’t wait!