Menu Plan: November 16, 2008

My menu is pretty boring this week. Nothing new and exciting. Some of the things are things I was supposed to make last week…OOPS! Also, we are meeting an old friend out tomorrow night at Pei Wei, so that will make 2 nights that we are eating out this week. We have been busy with hockey, Jon is on 2 different teams, a house team and a Select (kind of like an All-Star team).

Sunday ~ Homemade Veggie Soup, cornbread & salad
Monday ~ Pei Wei with a friend. I will have Vietnamese Chicken Salad Rolls and Pei Wei Spicy Chicken…YUM!
Tuesday ~ Turkey Mexican Pizzas, mexican rice and salads
Wednesday ~ Cheeseburger in Paradise (hockey & ice skating night)
Thursday ~ Apricot Glazed Pork Loin, Yukon Gold mashed potatoes, broccoli & salad
Friday ~ Leftovers
Saturday ~ Homemade Pizza, steamed veggies & salad

Baked Goods

Chocolate Crinkles
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Brownies (one of the mixes I have…either 1, 2, 3 Gluten-Free or Gluten-Free Pantry (the one you find at Wal-Mart))

Can’t wait for Turkey Day next week!! YUM! I am making a new pecan pie recipe that I found in Cooking Light and is easily adapted to be gluten-free. I am also making a pumpkin pie. Oh, and can’t forget about Black Friday. One of my most favorite days of the entire year!

Thank you to Lilac Kitchen for hosting this week’s Gluten-Free Menu Swap. 🙂 Lots of great ideas there! Also, check out Org Junkie for lots more menu plans.


Review: Allergaroo Spaghetti

An excerpt from The Gluten-Free Mall: “Allergaroo is the first to offer all natural, ready-made dishes free of the 8 most common food allergens(wheat, milk, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, fish and shellfish). Allergaro believes that your kids will love these meals that are shelf-stable and come in a microwaveable pouch. Just heat & eat! 1 serving per pouch.”

I have to say that I was very impressed by this product. I was skeptical at first, how good could spaghetti in a pouch be? Well, it was pretty darn good! I made this for Jon one night before hockey practice and he loved it! He wants me to buy more! I actually might grab some of these for him to take with him to an away hockey tournament that he has coming up and will be attending without DH or I (gasp…I am a little nervous about this). Now, he did eat 2 in one sitting b/c he is 12 and a growing, very active boy. But, it is nice to know that he can have a safe meal when he is away from home. If the hotel doesn’t have microwaves in the rooms, which I am going to check out hopefully today, I am sure that he could have the wait staff toss this in the microwave since you cook it right in the pouch.

I am giving this product 5 stars! Thank you, Allergaroo, for making a great, portable and convenient product for people with food allergies & intolerances.

You can find Allergaroo Spaghetti at The Gluten-Free Mall. A bonus, they are on sale right now!

Review: Barkat Pizza Crust

Another treat that was in our care package was Barkat Pizza Crusts. These crusts are shelf stable and ready to add toppings too. Very convenient! The other night when I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off, I threw some marinara sauce & cheese on one of these crusts and tossed it in the oven for 12 – 15 mintues and BAM! pizza!! Now, I made this for Jon, but I had to sneak a taste so that I could review it here and b/c I was curious. The pizza was good. Not anything like the homemade pizza crust that I have been making, but good considering that it was a shelf stable product. Jon liked it and said he would eat it again (that is huge coming from him). He also said that it wasn’t as good as my homemade crust, but, you know. These are nice to have on hand for quick dinners or maybe even to take with you to a local pizza place for them to put their toppings on if you trust that they won’t cross-contaminate your pizza.

You can find Barkat Pizza Crusts at The Gluten-Free Mall. They aren’t cheap, but like I said, nice to have on hand and good, too!