Review: Enjoy Life Mountain Mambo Nut Free Trail Mix

When I was still having a problem chewing and swallowing food the other day, I got into this trail mix that I received in my care package. It is called Mountain Mambo Nut Free Trail Mix and is made by Enjoy Life Foods. I had mixed some cereals together and tossed in a couple of handfuls of this stuff. Boy, was it good! I love the flavor combinations! It has seeds, dried fruits, dairy free chocolate…YUM! This gets 5 stars in my book. One of the best things about Enjoy Life Foods is that they are free from all allergens! No nuts, soy, dairy, gluten. Also, if you visit their home page, there are a couple of coupons on it.

I bet this would also taste good over some ice cream. I like to get creative with my food. 😉 Oh, another thought, use it as an oatmeal stir-in or topper! I may have to give that a try tomorrow!


Review: Andean Dreams Chocolate Chip Cookies

It is not often that I eat pre-made, packaged cookies anymore. If you have purchased gluten-free packaged cookies you are aware of a couple of things: they aren’t cheap and often the ones you can make at home will taste better, for less money. Now, that isn’t saying there aren’t some decent, even tasty pre-made gluten-free cookies out there on the market. I received Andean Dreams Chocolate Chip Cookies as part of my care package last week. I dove into them this afternoon when I discovered that I had run out of homemade cookies/treats. I was plesantly surprised by these cookies. I have never heard of this company before. These cookies reminded me of the Chips Deluxe Cookies I used to eat when I was a child/teen, in my pre-GF days. They had a little more texture with the quinoa, but were very tasty. Definitely nice to have on hand for a sweet treat. These would be excellent crumbled over ice cream (pumpkin flavored comes to mind, imagine that!). Not only are these cookies, gluten-free, nut free and soy free, but vegan too! There are only 140 calories in 2 cookies, making them a nice afternoon snack or after meal treat. These get 5 stars in my book! 🙂 You can find them on Gluten-Free Mall, they are $6.32/box.

Hopefully I will feel up to baking next week. I am going through kitchen withdrawls! The only part I don’t miss is the clean up! 😉