Product Review: Pure Bar

I have been seeing these bars all over blog land and have been wanting to try them.  I am always looking for something compact that I can toss in my purse or bag for emergencies.  I usually eat every 3-4 hours and get super cranky and sometimes light headed when I am hungry, so I try to always have something on hand.  I spotted the Pure Bars at Whole Foods & Raisin Rack recently & picked up the Chocolate Brownie flavor.   Pure Bars are vegan, raw, gluten-free & organic.  What more could you ask for?  The Chocolate Brownie bar has 200 calories, 9 grams of fat, 5 grams of fiber & 6 grams of protein (great for this kind of bar).  It all sounds great, right?  Now, the real test, how does it taste?  Upon first inspection the bar reminded me of a Lara Bar.  I believe that the Pure Bar is a little larger in size than the Lara Bar, I also think the taste is a little more intense, in a good way.  I am not dissing my Lara Bars, don’t worry, but trying to be fair here.  There were plenty of almonds & cashews throughout this bar.  A definite plus.  The chocolate flavor did, indeed, remind me of a chocolate brownie.  Excellent!  The one thing the Pure Bar has going over Lara Bar is the protein.  I don’t recall Lara Bar’s protein off hand, but I know that the added Organic Brown Rice Protein in the Pure Bar is what boosts that number up and Lara Bar does not have that.  This bar kept me full until lunch, something that is hard to do.  I ate it around 10 AM and eat lunch around 12 Noon.  I was very surprised.  The only negative I can find with the Pure Bar is the price.  I believe this bar was close to $2, if not over $2.  Definitely something to buy in bulk on Amazon or on sale, if you can find them on sale. 


I also love the saying on the bottom of the wrapper “Like a good mood in a wrapper”.  So true!

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