A Costly Lesson

Last week we got all new appliances in our kitchen.  YAY!  Our dishwasher had been on it’s last leg for quite a while.  Aaron had been fixing it every time it decided not to run.  We had been using packing tape to keep it closed & running.  So, it started leaking and that was all she wrote.  Not worth ruining the wood floor over.  We decided to go with stainless steel, so Aaron said we had to replace the fridge & range as well.  O.K……twist my arm!  LOL!  I am very happy with my new appliances and actually look forward to doing the dishes!  SHHH! 

Here are some quick shots of the new stuff:







So, onto the lesson of the day.  Aaron decided to line the bottom of the oven with foil, just as he has done for years in our other oven(s).  A few days later I noticed a burning smell.  I looked into the oven and the foil had MELTED to the bottom of the oven!!!  Holy moley!  First, I never knew that foil could melt.  I mean I guess I never really thought about it.  I knew not to put it in the microwave, but don’t line your oven with it?   Sure enough, I looked in the handy dandy manual and it says “DO NOT line the oven, walls, racks, bottom or any other part of the range with aluminum foil.  Doing so will destroy heat distribution, produce poor baking results and cause permanent damage to the oven interior (aluminum foil will melt to the interior surface of the oven)”.  There you have it!  GRRR!!  So, my brand spankin’ new oven has foil melted to the bottom of it.  I did call Sears and ordered a new panel for the bottom of the oven to the tune of $45, including shipping & tax. 

So, let this be a lesson to you all.  If you have a newer range, please check your manuals before putting foil on the racks, bottom or sides.  Here are a couple of lovely pictures for you:





One of the reasons I felt compelled to share this here is that while talking with my mother last night, she told me that her boss did the same exact thing just 2 weeks ago!  ACK!  If my post can help someone avoid doing this, then by all means, please, please, please pay attention!


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3 Responses

  1. That lesson is too late for me. I’ve done the same thing! Fortunately, I only put the foil in for one thing I was baking and not a lot of it stuck.

  2. Ah man! Now I’ve got to go check my oven. I didn’t even think of it thanks for sharing, I’m sorry about your new oven.

  3. Thanks!

    Glad you didn’t ruin your oven!

    Who would think you couldn’t put foil in there!

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