Super Bowl Sunday

I am not really into football.  I never have been.  That being said, I do enjoy a good party, especially with food & wine!  LOL!  Plus, the commercials that are shown during the Super Bowl always prove to be entertaining to say the least.  Aaron is having a few buddies (and significant others, some with children) over to watch the game.  He is making most of the snacks, though I am in charge of most of the GF snacks for Jon & I.  On the list:

~Chicken Wings ~ Aaron is making GF.  Most like with BBQ (Sweet Baby Ray’s) since we will have the Buffalo Chicken Dip too.

~Shrimp Cocktail ~ shrimp (naturally GF, of course) and Crosse & Blackwell Cocktail sauce.

~ Chachos ~ my creation of a combination of nachos & chili (I use Hormel w/beans)

~Buffalo Chicken dip ~ YUM-O as Rachael Ray would say. 

~Veggie Tray ~ celery (also to dip in the Buffalo Dip), carrots, radishes

~ Cheese ~ cheddar, colby, pepperjack

~Mary’s Gone Crackers  ~ herb or original, not sure which I will put out yet

~ Queso Cheese Dip ~ Velveeta 2% cheese & Rotel tomatoes.  Simple & yummy.

~ Brownies ~1,2,3 Gluten-Free mix

That should do it.  Fairly simple and enough to stuff us silly, I am sure!  Finish off with a glass or 2 of Cabernet and I should have a great time, even if I couldn’t care less about that game!