Menu Plan ~ February 8, 2009

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Heat wave!  WOOHOO!  It was over 50 degrees here yesterday!  It was windy & cloudy, but I will take that ANY day over a high of 5 with a wind chill of -20.  I was even able to wear SHORTS and a sweatshirt when I went to the gym.  Hannah looked at me like I was crazy.  This warming trend is supposed to continue through the week.  AHHHH!  I am going to take full advantage of this and maybe, just maybe, even grill out once or twice this week!  It is supposed to be almost 60 on Tuesday!

Yesterday Hannah, my Dad and I went to one of my favorite places, Uno Chicago Grill and had gluten-free pizza again.  It was fantastic!  Even my non-GF eater, Hannah, LOVED it!  She actually preferred this crust over the crust that comes on the kids pizza.  How is that for a testament for good crust?  I had a house salad, steamed broccoli and 4 slices of cheese pizza.  YUM!! 

Onto the plan.  As I said, it will be warmer, s0 I hope to get out & grill some. 

Sunday~ Breakfast for dinner (veggie omelets, bacon, sweet potato hash browns & toast)

Monday ~ Grilled balsamic chicken breasts, roasted garlic rosemary potatoes, steamed broccoli & salad

Tuesday ~ Burgers on the grill, sweet potato fries, baked beans & salad

Wednesday ~ Mexican pizzas, corn & salad

Thursday ~ Salmon or Tilapia, quinoa, veggies & salad.

Friday ~ Homemade Pizza, veggies & salad.

Saturday ~ Valentine’s Day (not sure of our plans yet)

Baked Goods for the week



Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies