Shrimp Scampi Alfredo

First, I am going to apologize for the lack of pictures in this post. I would love to show you a beautiful shot of this amazing dish, but my laptop is being persnickety and shuts down anytime I “ask” it to do too much. Under the umbrella of “do too much” are things like uploading pictures, burn a CD or DVD, download music, watch a video clip or open too many windows. Basically, it (my laptop) is putting the kibosh on my multi-tasking. Not a good thing for a Type A personality like myself. 😉 Well, I fixed that, or I should say Aaron did….I am getting a new laptop (early Christmas gift) that should be here any day! So, take that, old laptop!

When I have uncooked shrimp I normaly make Shrimp Scampi with it. Aaron came up with a new idea and added some alfredo sauce to the mix. What we now have is a delightful mix of flavors. The kids love this dish. They can’t get enough of it and there are never any leftovers. They (the kids and Aaron) will fight each other for the last piece of shrimp. What I find interesting about the whole thing, especially with the kids, is that they normally don’t like their food mixed or to touch, but adore this creation. I am not going to mess with it. They eat it, that is the ultimate goal. Usually we put the shrimp sauce over fettucine, but didn’t have any, so I used spiral shaped brown rice pasta instead for them and I had spaghetti squash, my new favorite that I can’t get enough of! Here is a rough estimate of the proportions for this dish:

Shrimp Scampi Alfredo

1 pound uncooked, peeled & de-veined shrimp (we used 26-30 count)
1/4 cup butter (give or take a TBSP or 2)
basil (a few shakes)
oregano (a few shakes)
garlic powder or fresh garlic (the equivalent to 2-3 cloves)
salt & pepper (a few shakes)
lemon juice (a few squirts)
alfredo sauce (We use Classico)
Fresh shredded parmesan
pasta, rice or spaghetti squash

**You could also cook with some white wine. Aaron doesn’t like the flavor when I cook with wine (silly man!), so I don’t use it when he is eating.

1. Melt butter in pan; add shrimp and season with ingredients up to lemon juice (wait until shrimp is cooked to add the lemon juice). Cook until pink throughout, but be careful not to overcook or they will be tough.

2. While you are cooking your shrmip, place alfredo in a separate pan and heat your alfredo sauce…about 3/4 jar or so, depending on how creamy you want it.

3. Add alfredo to the shrimp pan and mix well. Add in fresh shredded parm. Pour on top of pasta and add more parm and some fresh basil if you have some.

4. Enjoy!

Well, hopefully my new laptop is here sooner than later. It was shipped Monday from Shanghai, China, so we shall see. I am tired of my computer deciding when I have spent too much time surfing the net! How dare it shut off and not let me get my fill of Perez Hilton!

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