In Mourning

As I was catching up on my blog reading the other day, I happened across this alert regarding my of my most near & dear gluten-free mainstream products. Prego Three Cheese Spaghetti Sauce. Oh boy. This is the sauce we have always eaten, even in pre-GF days. One of the most important aspects of this sauce is there are no big chunks of any vegetable in it, meaning that my 3 kids (yes, I am including Aaron in that) will eat it with no complaints. We all know how my kids feel about tomatoes. 😉 Does this mean that I will have to make my own sauce from scratch now? This wouldn’t be a big deal once in a while, but for as much as we eat spaghetti, lasagna, pizza… is nice to be able to open a jar of sauce, know it is GF and get on with life. This could explain why Jon and I have felt less than stellar in the recent past few weeks. We are eating some kind of meal using this sauce at least once per week. Or, maybe it has nothing to do with it. Anyway, I have done my research and all Classico pasta sauces are GF. We use their alfredo and it is divine. I need to find one that the fam will tolerate and cross my fingers that there are no big chunks or maybe I will have to run it through the food processor before heating it up….hmmm…never thought about that before. See what blogging at 5:00 AM will do for you? I am thinking the Four Cheese will probably do the trick, though the Florentine Spinach with Cheese looks good, as does the Spicy Tomato & Pesto and Vodka Sauce! I doubt the fam would go for the last 3 that I listed. That is okay, I like Four Cheese. In fact, I am not sure that I would turn down anything with cheese.

Another idea….I did read, as I was investigating this news, that Wal-Mart makes a pasta sauce that is very close to the Prego that is GF. It is apparently only around $1, so I may give that a try. At the very least I could throw it on some pizza dough and dress it up if it is not that great.