Product Review: Weil Chocolada Walnut Bar

I have been on a bar kick lately.  I am training to run a half marathon in October and have been trying to find a bar that agrees with me that has decent nutritional stats too.  That isn’t always easy.  On top of gluten, I really can’t do seeds (like sesame seeds).  I really liked the Boomi bars, but the seeds and I just can’t get along.  Also, sometimes I have issues with fruit.  So, on top of reviewing these bars for taste/texture, I am seeing how my body does with them.  I won’t bore you or gross you out with the latter details.  😉  I just want to make sure that if I am bringing a bar along on a long run that it won’t be causing me grief before I am done, if you know what I mean. 

These bars, made by Nature’s Path, were very good.  Very close to Lara Bar.  The first thing I noticed on my first bite was a strong taste of vanilla, which is odd because it is the last ingredient on the list.  I didn’t notice it after the first bite.  This bar has great texture and nice chunks of nuts.  I was very satisfied by this bar and it held me overly nicely to lunch (about 3 hours). 


Nutritional Stats:


Made with love and …

Organic dates, organic almonds, organic dried unsweetened coconut, organic walnuts, organic natural cocoa, organic vanilla extract.

Simple & gluten free.  Also vegan!  I would like to see a little more protein in the bar, but without dairy or soy, that is hard to do.  I prefer to stay away from soy (doesn’t always agree with me) and dairy while exercising as I am lactose intolerant. 

I think that these would be great to take along on a long run.  I am excited to give some of the other flavors a try! 

Product Review: La Tortilla Factory Dark Teff Gluten-Free Tortillas

I happened upon La Tortilla Factory’s  Dark Teff Tortillas today at my local health food store.  I had some leftover grilled chicken that I had been planning to put on top of a salad for lunch, but thought that a wrap sounded much better.  I got home and made a fabulous wrap from these tortillas.  First, the feel & texture of these tortillas is the closest thing to what a “normal” flour tortilla feels like.  I haven’t felt that since before I went GF over 3 years ago.   I had high hopes for this baby.  I heated it, as directed on the package, for 15 seconds in the microwave.  I then made my wrap with a bunch of fresh spinach, cut up grilled chicken breast, provolone cheese, tomato & Frank’s Red Hot.  I wrapped it up (IT DIDN’T CRACK OR CRUMBLE!) and sliced in half.  I was amazed.  I was so stinkin’ excited that I didn’t get a picture, I sat down to taste my new love.  WOW!  I was so, so, so pleasantly surprised!  I honestly can’t really tell you that this tastes much different from what I remember a “normal” flour tortilla tasting like.  The tortilla remained the same texture the entire time I was eating (about 30 minutes….it didn’t get hard or stale-like after heating).  If you have heated a brown rice tortilla and then made a wrap before, you know what I mean about the texture changing.  These were so pliable!  I could gush about these for hours!  I have all kinds of things planned for these.  Tomorrow?  Another wrap, but this one on the panini press.  🙂  Then, burritos and maybe chimichangas or chicken enchiladas!  Yes, I like corn tortillas, a lot, but there is just something about a good flour tortilla. 

Now the details…kinda pricey.  $4.31 for 6.  OUCH!  So, you can see why these may not be a regular purchase.  Facts:


  • Made with Whole Grain Dark Teff & Whole Grain Millet Flour (15 grams of   whole grain per wrap!)

  • Zero grams Trans Fats.

  • Non-Aluminum Baking Powder

  • Kosher

  • Non-Dairy Ingredients

  • Smooth light texture

  • Hint of real honey. No artificial sweeteners

  • Wrap Size                   : 9.00” to 10.00”

  • Calories: 180

  • Fiber: 3 grams

  • Fat: 5 grams

  • Definitely want to try the Ivory Teff ones too.  These were awesome & I can’t wait to make another wrap tomorrow! 

    Gluten-Free Salad Challenge Days 10,11 & 12

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    I know it seems like I am neglecting my challenge, but, really, I am not.  I have been eating 2 salads a day.  I love my salads!  They have been relatively similar to the ones I have been posting, with a change of an ingredient here & there.  I did add some snow peas today at dinner time.  They went well with my ingredients.