AHA! Found them, finally!

I have been on the hunt for the new Gluten-Free Chex flavors since I heard about General Mills converting a bunch of the flavors (Strawberry, Rice, Corn, Honey Nut & Cinnamon) over to Gluten-Free.  I have been eating the Rice Chex for a while and don’t have an issue finding it GF at all.  Within the past month or so, we have been able to find the Strawberry Chex, though the boxes are still mixed on shelves with boxes that have gluten, so you have to be very careful not to get the wrong box.  Both Jon and I love the Strawberry Chex….they remind us of the Sugar topping on strawberry Pop-Tarts.  Not as sweet, but same type of flavor.  YUM! 

I set off yesterday on my weekly grocery shopping trip.  I hadn’t planned on buying cereal because we had plenty, but when I saw this:


I couldn’t help myself!!  AHHHHHH!!  I have been hoping that I would find one of the new flavors and I did!  YAY!  I had some today, just right from the box and YUMMMMMMMM!!  They ROCK!  I am going to mix them up with my Strawberry & Rice Chex tomorrow for a nice snack.  Maybe I will toss in some vanilla yogurt, too, for kicks.  🙂  I love yogurt on cereal.  If you use the YoPlus, with fiber and says “GF” on the container, it adds a nice boost of fiber to your snack or breakfast.  So, I found these for $3.39/box.  Not the cheapest, but less than a lot of the specialty cereals out there.  The new Chex flavors are supposed to be all over by June 1st according to General Mills. 

Back of the box:


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