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I am always on the look out for new, healthy, gluten-free foods and drinks.  I may find some of my new finds when I am out shopping or I may see them on one of the many blogs that I read or I may find out about them through one of my social networking sites.  I have found many new things that I like this way -things I may not have tried in the past.  The 2 most recent finds are San-J Thai Peanut Mildly Spicy Marinade & Dipping Sauce and La Croix flavored sparkling water. 


The San-J Thai Peanut Sauce is labeled “gluten-free”.  That is what first attracted me to the bottle.  The ingredients are “Kim friendly”, which you should know if you read my blog, that it is not only gluten-free, but onion free as well.  This sauce has a great flavor!  It does have a little kick to it, but nothing ridiculous like my beloved Sriracha.  🙂  I have used it to marinate my chicken in and then grill.  I have used it to dip my Spring Rolls in (Pei Wei Vietnamese Chicken Salad Rolls).  Anytime I want a little kick, I bring this sauce out.  A++++ from me. 


I have seen the La Croix Sparkling Water all over blog land and have wanted to try it.  First step was to make sure the “natural flavors” that are in the water are gluten-free.  Yes, they are gluten-free. I found the La Croix on sale at Target for $3/8-pack and got 1 lime & 1 cran-raspberry pack.  What a nice treat these are!  Cool, crisp & refreshing and a nice change from water.  These contain no calories, sweeteners of any kind or sodium.  I drink a ton of water, so it is nice to have once of these with lunch to mix things up a bit.  Another A+++++ from me!

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10K & a Product Review

Ran my 10K race today. Unofficial time was 53:30. What an amazing feeling that was. My first race ever. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect; 60 and a light breeze. Odd that it was like Fall in mid-July. I was so nervous leading up to the start of the race. Once I got going, though, it all faded away. What a rush!!! As I was running the first mile or so, I realized what I was doing and actually had tears in my eyes (that actually happened again later on, too…who am I? LOL). I started out running at a 7:40 pace and once I realized it, backed off a little because I knew that I would never be able to pull that off for the whole race. I was passed early on by a girl in a burgundy shirt and she remained a good distance in front of me for most of the race. I could still see her most of the time, but through the trails in the woods, I did lose sight of her. Once we were running back around the lake, I vowed to myself that I was going to do all I could to pass her before we crossed the finish line. Well, I did it!! I have never felt like I was going to puke during a run before, but this time I did. I gave it all I had and it paid off. I was able to pass her and finish strong. (Never did puke, BTW 😉 )



After the race I chugged a whole bottle of water!  Boy, I was thirsty!  Normally I run on the treadmill and have water at my fingertips the whole time.  This was a change.  When I have run at the track at the school, it has been a much shorter distance and water was not needed.  Food was offered after the race…fruit, chips and bakery items, all courtesy of Panera Bread.  I have eaten at Panera bread since going gluten-free, but I was nervous about it here, at a race.  The fruit had all been cut up and I was very concerned about the cross-contamination with the bread products.  Luckily, I had some Sharkies with me, which leads me to my product review.


I have seen the Sharkies all over the place and have heard of runners using them for fuel during a race.  I didn’t need them during the race today, but wanted something quick & easy to tide me over until I got home for a real breakfast.  I was pleasantly surprised by how good these were!  Chewy & sticky, but what fruit chew isn’t?  There are a number of things I like about Sharkies:

  • Organic
  • Gluten-Free is noted on the box
  • Vegetarian
  • Real fruit for energy & endurance
  • A natural source of electrolytes
  • No HFCS (High-fructose corn syrup)
  • Ingredients you can read & pronounce
  • They taste GOOD!



I was able to get this box on clearance at Meijer for $3.00!!  There 5 packages in the box.  They are normally over $1.00/package.  If you are an athlete and have to follow a gluten-free diet, these are a great choice! 

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