Baby Steps 2

Last week I posted about Jon going on a trip out of state, on his own with his hockey team. I had been concerned about how he was going to navigate his way through traveling and eating with his diet needs. I prepared him and the chaperones involved as best as I could (lists, information, shelf-stable food). Jon has been gone now since Friday AM and I am very proud to update that he is doing very well with his diet. He has navigated his way through 2 days of meals and has been very creative in how he is making sure his food is safe. Yesterday morning is the prime example. I was on my way back from the gym when I see that he is calling me and I had just spoken with him. He was at IHOP, a Celiac’s nightmare, and wanted to know what he could eat. I started to tell him and he stopped me. He wanted me to speak with the waitress. I then spoke with the waitress, verifying that they do indeed put pancake batter in the eggs & omelettes. She suggested using their fresh eggs, in shells. I asked her if they could scramble a couple in a clean frying pan and then maybe get him a glass of milk. She said yes. I was very impressed. Jon called me back later to tell me that he didn’t get sick! YAY! I am so glad that he took the initiative to have me to speak to the server on the cell phone! Last night they ate at BW3’s again and he did fine. I am so much more relaxed about this now. My baby is growing up!