Gluten-Free For Me ~ A Gift From Grandma

This year for Christmas, Grandma Linda sent Jon some gluten-free goodies from Gluten-Free For Me.  This bakery sent a wonderful Holiday assortment of goodies for a very, very decent price. 

Here is a picture of Jon with all of his goodies:

The cookies were all so soft, tasty and not crumbly in the least.  A nice surprise for a gluten-free cookie.  The muffins were amazing, the rolls…YUM!  We have the Lemon Cranberry bread in the freezer still, just waiting to be eaten.  I think the most enjoyable treat was the gluten-free chocolate roll.  OMG….it was TDF!  Seriously, when I was growing up, chocolate roll was my all-time favorite dessert that my Grandmother (Mom’s Mom) made for family functions.  I had never attempted to make this GF, mainly b/c it seems like it would be a big mess! LOL!  Anyway, we brought this dessert to my Dad’s house on Christmas Day and shared it with our family there.  It was so moist, chocolately and delicious.  I will definitely be ordering from these wonderful bakers again.

I wish they were closer to us so we didn’t have to have them ship the food, but, oh well, whatever we have to do to get our chocolate roll!  LOL!

Thanks again, Mom, for such a wonderful gift! 🙂