Awesome Fall Meal

I frequently browse other gluten-free blogs looking for dinner ideas for my family. My family is difficult to cook for b/c not only are they picky, but Jon and I can’t have gluten. I can’t eat onions, but those are easily omitted from recipes or subbed with garlic. They typically won’t eat casseroles; there are a select few. Actually, I believe that lasagna is the extent of the casserole love in this house. Me, I love casseroles. My Grandma (Dad’s Mom) used to make an awesome casserole that she called “Dorito Casserole” b/c you actually use a bag of Doritos in it. I believe the correct terminology is actually “Chicken Sopa”. It is good. Aaron and the kids hate it. 😦 I may sneak it in again sometime soon b/c I am craving it!

The other day I came across an amazing looking recipe on Gluten-Free Mommy’s Blog for Chicken Broccoli Cheese Casserole. I decided to make this tonight and cross my fingers that the fam liked it. I made a few changes to the recipe. I added some Frank’s Red Hot to the white cheese sauce; I used more than 1 cup of brown rice, more like 1.5 – 2 cups; I used crumbled toasted pumpkin muffins as my bread crumbs and topped with fresh shredded parmesan cheese. It was amazing! The fam (except Hannah) loved it. Jon asked that I leave the broccoli out next time, not going to happen. Aaron went back for seconds! WOW!! Hannah ate the chicken out of it and had some raw carrots. She refused to eat anything else; weird since she likes cheese, rice & broccoli. Over half of the casserole is gone! YAY!!! A success!! I made some sugar snap peas sauteed in sesame oil to have on the side. Here are some pics:

Jon and I had pumpkin ice cream for dessert. He had his topped with chocolate chips. I topped mine with nothing tonight, but the other night I put my pumpkin ice cream on top of some pears and topped with some Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup. YUM!!