Product Review: Amy’s Kitchen Meals

Amy’s Kitchen is a great company.  Amy’s makes natural & organic foods and has a large line of gluten-free items.  According to their website, there are 77 gluten-free products in their line now.  I received a few $1 off coupons to try out some of their products last week.  I chose the Rice Macaroni & Cheese (for Jon) and the Teriyaki Bowl

First up, Rice Macaroni & Cheese. 


This dish reminds me of the Stouffer’s Macaroni & Cheese that I used to eat as a kid and before I went gluten-free.  Jon loves this.  We don’t do a lot of frozen pre-made meals, but this is great to have on hand for those nights or days when things are super busy.  I would absolutely buy this again.  You can find Amy’s Meals in most grocery stores across the US, which also makes this a good choice if you are traveling – all you need is a microwave, which you can find in most convenience stores and even hotels if you ask the front desk.  I have also made this at home and put in a thermos for Jon to take to school. 


Teriyaki Bowl


Not only is the Teriyaki Bowl gluten-free, but dairy-free as well!  This is also one of very few Amy’s Meals without onions. I can assure you that I would eat most of those Mexican bowls & dishes if they were free of onions – they are right up my alley.  This dish was a fantastic combination of flavors.  I wasn’t expecting it to taste as good as it did.  I did beef it up with about a half cup of garbanzo beans & a salad, because 290 calories for dinner for me is just not enough.  I liked this so much that when I saw they were on sale at Giant Eagle this week (2 for $6), I grabbed another one! 


Amy’s is now offering many of the dishes in a “lower sodium” version to help keep the dishes as healthy as possible.  Make sure to check out Amy’s Soups, too, we love the Chunky Tomato Bisque in our house.  Perfect with a grilled cheese sammie! 


11 Responses

  1. I love reading your reviews. Thank you for sharing them. =)

  2. oh i LOVE the Amy’s gluten free rice pasta mac n cheese! I eat it often LOL. in fact, I just stocked up at the store today!

  3. I have been buying this and eating it at work for a quick, easy meal for a couple months. I only eat it once a week (if that) mostly because of the cost. I can find it at Harris Teeter’s and it runs usually around $3.79. It really is pretty good! I’ve only been GF so the memories of homemade “real” mac ‘n cheese still linger. But for nearly all of the GF frozen meals I’ve tried—this one is good!!

  4. Oh man, I live off of these. Before I discovered Amy’s GF line, on my tired days I would just lie in bed all day trying to figure out something I had enough energy to make for myself. I don’t even own a microwave, but an hour in the toaster oven is nothing compared to trying to organize cooking a whole meal!

    I love the Indian and Mexican meals best, as well as the tofu scramble with hash browns.

    They are pricey, though, and they’ve recently gone up. Thank goodness for the coupons they sent after I emailed requesting them, as well our food coop’s across-the-board monthly 20%-off coupon.

    • I will have to give the tofu scramble a try – it sounds good! Nice that they sent you some coupons. I watch for sales & stock up then, too.

  5. i absolutely love amy’s frozen gluten-free mac and cheese and when i was diagnosed with celiac i think it almost became an addiction for me.

    their bistro burger is excellent, too, and was the inspiration for my beastlessburger™ recipe. actually, the inspiration was the cost as well as the burger itself. i had trouble affording them!

    all in all, i think their food is just great and a real help to the gf community.

    • I have seen your recipe & hope to try it soon. I have been eyeing those Amy’s bistro burger, but I can’t eat onions. 😦


  6. Amy’s kitchen is really fantastic in providing
    gluten free diet free products, i am in love with it an d especially best in rice marconi, tastes good and healthy in nature. Sodium proportion is very well judged in their dishes.
    thanks and regards.

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