Weekly Menu Plan – January 10, 2010

This week I am hosting the weekly gluten-free menu swap and I chose gluten-free pizza as the theme of the week.  I love pizza and love trying new combinations & crusts, so I hope to see some great ideas this week.  Over the past year I have tried some new crusts.  I have a new favorite, Bob’s Red Mill pizza crust mix.  I also use Pamela’s Bread mix for pizza crust or Carol Fenster’s recipe. As far as toppings go, Jon prefers the traditional marinara sauce, mozzarella & pepperoni, occasionally.  I like to mix things up.  I like Buffalo Chicken pizza, veggie style pizza and my newest favorite is a pizza that I top with Trader Joe’s Tomato Chutney, smashed chickpeas, feta or goat cheese & spinach.  It is so good.  What are your favorite crusts & toppings?

Buffalo Chicken & half cheese pizza

Veggie & half cheese pizza

Onto my menu for the week:

Sunday – Rotisserie Chicken, sweet potato steak fries, green beans & salad

Monday – Birthday dinner with my Dad, Step Mom & little sister

Tuesday- Taco salad

Wednesday- Salmon, brown rice couscous, asparagus & salad

Thursday -Chicken/Eggplant Parmesan, broccoli & salad

Friday – Pizza night!

Saturday -Hannah & I will have a girls night 🙂  Her choice

Baked Items


Sweet Potato Brownies (didn’t get to them last week)

Blueberry Muffins


Please visit Food for Good Thought, Inc as they are holding a silent auction on January 23rd to raise money for autism.  They train& employ individuals with autism.  They make a great variety of gluten-free foods.  If you live in the Columbus area you can attend the silent auction.  If not and you want to donate, you can do so by visiting Food for Good Thought’s site.


Have a great week!!  Thanks to Cheryl at Gluten-free Goodness who is currently coordinating the GF Menu Swap.  If you are interested in hosting, please contact Cheryl.


Manda from Asparagus Thin is making pizzas from around the world this week.  I am especially interested in the deep dish polenta pizza..YUM!  I also love the song she posted at the top of her post – it will be in my head all day now. 🙂

In my Box is making a series of one-pot meals this week.  Again, polenta has caught my eye!  A mention of a Mexican pizza made on Udi’s crust also caught my eye – I love to sing the praises of Udi’s!

Heather from Celiac Family has a great menu planned!  She goes through her favorite pizzas (frozen, crusts & restaurant).  I hope she can find a ZPizza soon, they are one of the best restaurant gluten-free pizzas around!

Cheryl from Gluten-free Goodness is making Coconut Curried Lentils and I just might have to invite myself over for dinner!  YUM!!  She also tried out a yeast & grain free pizza a while back that looks really good.  I just may give that a try in the near future.

Esther from Lilac Kitchen is talking about making a pizza with a sweet apple base.  That sounds awesome to me, so I do hope she shares if she does!

For more great menu ideas, please visit Orgjunkie.


12 Responses

  1. […] hostess this week is the lovely Kimberly from Gluten free is Life and her theme is pizza. I’ve made a yeast and grain free pizza from a garbanzo crust with a […]

  2. Hi Kim,

    those pictures have my mouth watering! DH is a black olive fiend so he’d be over to your house in a second.

    here’s my menu, have a lovely week.http://www.gfgoodness.com/2010/01/10/menu-plan-monday-jan-11th/

  3. […] week, the Gluten-Free Menu Swap is being hosted by Kimberly at Gluten-Free Is Life. She chose Gluten-Free Pizza as the theme for the week. I have to tell you I have tried a lot of […]

  4. Thanks for hosting this week. Your pizzas look fabulous!
    Here’s my menu plan for this week: http://celiacfamily.com/menu-plan-jan-11/

  5. […] Gluten-Free Menu Swap is hosted this week by the fabulous Kimberly of Gluten-free is Life. Her theme of the week is GF pizza, and I just seem to be all out of step with the Swap themes the […]

  6. Yum, your pizzas look so great! I don’t have any pizza on my menu plan this week (I hate to be out of step with the theme!) but last week I made Mexican pizzas on some great pizza crusts from Udi’s, a new GF, dairy-free company that has recently started stocking in my area. The crusts are more like flatbreads (I miss chewy crust!) but they were super delish.

    Thanks for hosting this week!


  7. http://www.asparagusthin.com/2010/01/menu-swap-january-11th.html

    Here’s my menu for the week. Yum! Haven’t had pizza in a good while or okonomiyaki for that matter.

  8. The chickpea, feta and spinach pizza sounds fabulous I may need to try that I have tins of chickpeas that need eating too!

    I had planned to make a batch of pizza bases this week for keeping in the freezer so your pick is very timely.

    My menu is here

  9. […] green salad. I haven’t decided what to do for the crust yet. I’ll have to check out the pizza roundup at Gluten Free Is Life. Or maybe I’ll try making one with the Cheese Bread recipe from Gluten […]

  10. i would like to think that the best restaurants would serve very delicious and healthy foods ;**

  11. looking for the sweet potato fry recipe. how may i find? thanks

  12. This is actually a nice beneficial part of info. I’m glad which you shared this valuable information along with us. Be sure to keep informed in this way. Many thanks for sharing.

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