Running out of Time & a New Product Review

I was going to wait until after Christmas to share my latest new love with you guys, but I couldn’t.  I loved this product so much that I had to write my review now.  Kitchen Table Bakers was nice enough to send me several samples of their products to review.  I couldn’t wait to break open these crisps.  The crisps, as KTB calls them, are made completely of cheese!  And are they ever good!  They have several different varieties.  My favorite so far are the Aged Parmesan Mini Crisps. 


I served up my Mini Crisps with a sandwich & pear:


What a great pairing for this meal – pears & these crisps!  Only thing missing was a glass of wine!  😉


If you are interested in trying these crisps/crackers for yourself, you can find them in many stores around the country. 


In case you haven’t heard the news….Honeybaked Ham is gluten-free!  Go ahead & indulge yourself this holiday season.  You can find information regarding this on the FAQ page at Honeybaked Ham. 


Are you ready for the holiday?   I have my shopping done, but haven’t even started the wrapping yet.  Also, I haven’t cleaned the house for our dinner on Thursday night yet.  Why?  I know better.  Done too far in advance & it will need to be done again.  Voice of experience.  I have a few food items to prepare as well – imagine that!  Can someone make a few more hours in the day for me?  Please?