Product Review: Glenny’s Brown Rice Marshmallow Treats

Glenny’s Marshmallow Treats come in 4different flavors: Peanut Caramel,  Raspberry Jubilee, Vanilla & Chocolate.  The bars are organic & vegan in addition to being gluten-free.  The bars are only 100 calories per bar, making them nice to keep in your purse or gym bag for on-the-go snacks. 


I have tried the vanilla & peanut caramel bars.  The bars are both good, but almost too crispy.  Maybe I am just used to eating the Envirokidz Crispy Rice Bars, which are more chewy.  I guess it depends on personal preference.  Jon likes both brands equally as well.  The cons of Glenny’s?  Over $5/box for 5 bars.  Envirokidz are typically $3.49 for a box of 5.  I happened to find the Glenny’s on sale for $2.49, so I decided to give them a try. 

Have you tried these?  What were your thoughts?


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The Ohio State Buckeyes are playing the game of the year tomorrow against Michigan – GO BUCKS!!




9 Responses

  1. Never tried the bars before.

    GO BUCKEYES!!! 🙂

  2. Hey Kim,
    I’m a huge Koala Crisp bar fan-I like the chewiness. May have to give the chocolate version a try just for comparison.

  3. Hey Kim!

    I agree with you and Erin on the chewiness factor. Sam and Luke would eat an entire box of the EnviroKidz Chocolate Crispy Rice Bars if I would let them! Although, they have not embraced the other flavors quite as well. That gives me an idea! Maybe I should put a chocolate sauce on the Brussels Sprouts! 😉

  4. My little guy loves the chocolate ones, they had them on sale for like 25 cents a bar at ToysRus a couple of weeks ago. I went crazy and bought a whole bunch thinking they would last a while but no such luck, he was eating them like they were going out of style, lol.

  5. Heidi-if you make the brussel sprouts with a Koala Crisp crumble you get the award for most creative use of Koala Crisp bars!
    I saw the Glenny bars in Publix for $4.65 a box-I don’t think so!

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