Review: Ruby Tuesday

While we were on our trip to Jack’s memorial in Atlanta, we had to eat out several times.  On the way back we stopped for lunch at Ruby Tuesday.   I had eaten at a Ruby Tuesday a couple years back & knew that I could eat a burger & steamed veggies & salad at the very least.  Imagine my surprise when I was speaking with the manager & he knew what I was talking about!  I had started to explain and when I asked him if he knew what I was talking about, he said yes & went on to say that he was going to go print me out a menu of things I could eat.  I inquired about cross contamination, especially after my experience at Cracker Barrel a couple days before (long story short……not safe for anyone following a gluten-free diet).  The manager said that the staff is specifically trained on food allergies & the dangers of cross contamination.  Great news!  You can view the gluten-free and other allergen information here.  I ended up ordering a bison burger with havarti cheese, steamed sugar snap peas & sauteed portabella mushrooms.  I also had a huge salad from the salad bar.  I wish my camera wasn’t buried in the back of the car at the time, but I wasn’t expecting this to be a blogging experience.  I checked out the bar before deciding to order it and had my own dressing with me.  All of the items (mostly veggies) I included on my plate were at the end away from the pasta salads, won tons, croutons & dressings.  Though they did have a couple gluten-free dressings, they were dangerously close to gluten-filled items.  If I had not brought my own dressing, I would have asked for dressing from the back or used the EVOO & vinegar that was out. 


Now, for the news you have all been waiting for……the winner of my giveaway last week. 

Thank you all for playing.  The winner is……………………………………………..

Liz, on November 3rd, 2009 at 5:39 pm Said:

It would be awesome to have the Denby – Serve! 9.5″ Small Divided Dish for parties or even when friends stop by unexpected. Its beautiful and simple!


Congrats Liz!!  Please contact me at: with your contact information so I can get it to CSN. 



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