Menu Plan – November 8, 2009

Last week had to be the saddest week of my life.  As I shared last week, my nephew passed away on 10/31/2009, just 22 days after his brother passed away.  Thursday around 3 AM, I got up and headed to Atlanta with Hannah and my Grandmother so that we could be there in time to attend the memorial service for Jack.  I continue to pray for Kelly, Greg & Noah as they begin this extremely hard journey down the road of recovery.

Now I am trying to organize my stuff and get ready for the start of a new week here at home.  What a whirlwind last week was.  Lots of planned things got shelved.  Time to play catch up, though my heart just isn’t in it.

This week’s gluten-free menu swap is hosted by Cheryl at Gluten-free Goodness and her theme is carrots.  I love carrots!  My favorite way to eat them is roasted, but I also made Cranberry Glazed Carrots for Thanksgiving last year and they were fantastic!!  Thanks for hosting, Cheryl!

Sunday – Rotisserie Chicken, sweet potato hash browns, asparagus & salad

Monday – BBQ Chicken Tenders,  coconut brown rice, roasted brussel sprouts & salad

Tuesday – Herb Roasted Pork Loin, baked potatoes, broccoli & salad

Wednesday – Mexican night – pizzas or tacos, white corn & salad

Thursday – Turkey Burgers, butternut squash fries, zucchini & salad

Friday – pizza night (homemade veggie & pepperoni) and salad

Saturday – Anniversary celebration (attempt #2)

Baked Goods

Pumpkin Cookies


Pumpkin Cheesecake

Don’t forget to check out Orgjunkie for lots of great menu ideas.


A new giveaway is going up tomorrow (Tuesday).  Don’t forget to stop by to check it out!

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9 Responses

  1. My heart goes out to you, your sister and your families as you begin the healing process after losing such precious little ones. (((Hugs))).

    I was reading your menu plan and clicked on your link for Brussels sprouts. I couldn’t help but laugh at the timing, seeing I just made a post on the subject of Brussels sprouts… I agree with your assessment, “you either love them or hate them, there is no in between.” I am pretty blunt where I stand in the opening sentence of my post! LOL!


  2. Kim,

    I’m sorry to hear of your losses and hope that you and your family and friends will be able to take extra care of each other through this time.

  3. […] of Gluten Free is Life has had several big losses in the past month and so she is working on regrouping. So please send […]

  4. What a hard month for your family! My heart goes out to all of you.

    What a delicious and healthy menu plan! I am especially excited about the cranberry glazed carrots. I always need something do with leftover cranberry sauce after Thanksgiving. (Last year I made GF cobbler!

    We’re still raving here about the chocolate pumpkin loaf I made from your blog a few weeks back, so I have a feeling I should try these pumpkin cookies as well.

    • Thank you! I am so glad you like the chocolate pumpkin loaf. That cranberry cobbler looks great!🙂 Let me know if you like the pumpkin cookies. 🙂

  5. I love your blog. I have a question about Worchestershire sauce. I thought it was a no-no. The Lea & Perrins in Canada has malt vinegar from barley. I am making your turkey burgers tonight and can’t wait to try more of your recipes.

    • Hi Hillary!

      Thank you for reading!🙂 Lea & Perrin’s in the US is GF. Do you have French’s in Canada? It is also GF.

      I hope you enjoy your burgers!🙂 Let me know how you like them.


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