Product Review: Emergen-C

With cold & flu season knocking at the door, these samples came right at the right time!  I had forgotten that I had signed up for them, but was glad when they arrived.  Extra Vitamin C is a very good thing this time of year. 


The first packet I tried was the Cherry-Pomegranate.  This package was actually a multi-vitamin plus extra vitamin C and other vitamins.  I mixed the powder with about 4 oz of cold water.  It was super fizzy! 



The taste was very pleasant & not too strong.  It did remind me a little bit of the Flintstones Chewables that I took as a kid & when I was pregnant with my daughter.  Nothing wrong with that!  😉 


The Pink Lemonade flavor didn’t taste much different from the Cherry-Pomegranate.  This one wasn’t a multi-vitamin, though, just the 1000mg of vitamin C and some other vitamins & minerals. 

All of the Emergen-C products are gluten-free and safe for Celiacs.  You  can find Emergen-C in your grocery or drug stores.  I did see it at Trader Joe’s the other day and if I remember correctly, it was only $7.99 there, cheaper than the grocery store.  You can also find the Emergen-C products on


While I am chatting about vitamins, I have had low vitamin D for the past 9-10 months, or longer (I hadn’t been tested previously).  I had been taking 2000 IU/day in a capsule form, but they were bothering my stomach.  So when I found a sample of Caltrate 600-D Chewables at my doctors office, I picked them up.  I called to verify they are gluten-free and tried them out.  The flavor is not fantastic and they are a little chalky, but hey, it is a vitamin, not a piece of specialty candy, right?  Most important part….they are gluten-free and didn’t bother my stomach! 



Don’t forget to take your calcium & vitamin D, ladies!!  Also, keep your immune systems healthy this flu season by eating healthy & taking your vitamins!  Also, getting the proper amounts of rest is really important, too. 


17 Responses

  1. I take Emergen C all the time when I start to get the sniffles. Works like a charm.

  2. i’ll have to try this.i love me some vitamins. lol

  3. I have been gfree for 3 months now, but my emergen-c didn’t make it to my safe list. I’m looking at a packet of the raspberry flavor that clearly states, “Contains wheat.” Did you get confirmation from the company that they are gluten free? Has this perhaps happened in the last 6 months or so that they have changed their formula? I’d love to go back to being able to use their products

    Thanks for the great reviews! I love the Now Foods vitamin D-3 softgels – and they are small enough that my 6-yr old son can take them as well.

    • Hi Amy….

      I got that info right from the Emergen-C website. You can find it here on their FAQ page:

      Maybe you have an older pacakge?

      • Thanks for your reply, Kim! When I was looking at their FAQ, it looks like they made some other changes in March 2009. I think they must have altered their gluten content at the same time. That makes me very happy!

        I hope they’ve gotten all the older product off the shelves. I’m definitely going to be buying some before cold season hits my house.

    • I found the same thing when I looked at the packets we have here at work. I was surprised to see them in a gluten-free blog. I guess I will have to check again. Maybe it used to contain wheat and no longer does.

  4. Oh this is perfect- I woke up with a scratchy throat today and was wondering what products were GF!

  5. A quick comment about emergen-c and gluten. I just got very sick from it and feel a little foolish for not reading the label, but there is gluten in this product. It contains natural flavor and carmel color, two red flags in the GF Celiac world. Even when products profess to be GF, I am the “canary i the coal mine” when it comes to gluten, and if it’s there I certainly will be able to let you know.

    • Hi Ron,

      Sorry you got sick from Emergen-C. Their FAQ page states that there is no gluten in their products:

      I believe that they used to have gluten, so perhaps you had an older package?

      Caramel color made in the US is gluten-free.


    • Hi Ron, you are not alone. My significant other is Celiac and this product she used her whole life and now CAN’T. It sends her into painful shock and without epi pen or ER attention would die. So, always read ingredient no matter what the company say. ‘Cause the FDA doesn’t have to acknowledge the wheat in “caramel color” or other in the like :/
      Good meals to you, friend.

  6. On i found this answer regarding emergen-c. maybe this will help.

    Thank you for your interest in Emer’gen-C.

    In testing, we found that Raspberry and Mixed Berry Emer’gen-C may
    contain wheat (some processes and extracts utilize wheat proteins),

    however, ALL of the others are free from wheat, barley, and rye (and gluten).


    Barbi Hehn
    Alacer Corp.

    in this is states
    “Are your products free of Gluten?
    A: We do not use Gluten during the manufacturing process. However, we are unable to confirm its presence or absence as the end product is not tested for gluten.”

    You need to recheck your information.

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