Bits & Pieces

There are a few things I wanted to share before I forgot.  So this post will be some short & sweet notes.

First, Campbell’s has updated their gluten-free information on their site.  You can see it here.  They don’t have any gluten-free soups, but some of the broths are gluten-free.  This list does include their Prego sauces & Pace salsas.  Good to keep on hand.


Udi’s Gluten-Free Bakery now has online ordering for all of those who don’t live close to any stores that carry Udi’s.  You can see my review of Udi’s baked goods here.


A wonderful reader, Michelle, sent me a link to Ruby Tuesday’s gluten-free menu.  You can view it here.  I will also be placing a link in the right sidebar under “restaurants”.    Thanks for the great email, Michelle! 🙂 


And lastly, why I am not allowed to buy anymore cereal or baking supplies:





Hehe…I have a bit of a problem.  I see a sale & buy.  I better get busy baking, huh? 


Tomorrow is hump day!  The week is half over.  Is it cold where you live?  We went from A/C last week to needing coats today!  BRR!!!  It was down right blustery out!