How to get Cereal Vit Cereals

Yesterday I posted a review on Cereal Vit Cereals.  I received an email today from Riega foods detailing how you guys can get a hold of this cereal.  There is also a code to get 15% off when you order on

It takes some time to get the products through distribution and into stores.

If you want to let your readers know there are two things they can do to help get them into stores.

1) They can download the store request form from (also attached):

Take it to their favorite store (independent stores are more likely to buy direct from us) ask them to carry the cereals. We are happy to send samples to the stores to try and sell direct while we are getting set up with distributors.

2) They can also email us at with their favorite store and we will contact the store for them and try and work with them.

Finally, we have also set up packs of 4 boxes on Amazon for purchase in the short-term. We prefer to sell via stores, but we have to fulfill demand somehow. Economies of scale also lead to better pricing at store level than Amazon due to shipping and the fees Amazon charges. If someone goes to

they can see the offerings. They can also use coupon code 15CERVIT on the first order and get 15% off one order.

Again, thanks for the review, and I am happy you liked the cereals.



I hope this helps some of you find these great cereals!  I love them! 


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