Review: Cereal Vit Gluten-free Cereals

If you didn’t realize it by now, I am a cereal freak.  I love my cereal.  I eat it at least once a day and I usually mix more than 1 kind together in a bowl.  I then top with Greek yogurt, fruit, nut butter or Vanilla Almond Breeze (unsweetened).  I love to mix in different flavors of cereals to maximize flavor and nutrition. 

A few weeks back I received 3 boxes of cereal made by Cereal Vit.   There were Corn Flakes, Coffee Flakes and Benevit Multi-grain Flakes. 


I was especially interested in the Coffee Flakes- Coffee coated corn and flax flake cereal enriched with Omega-3 for heart health. Certified organic and gluten free.  I tasted those first.  WOW!  What a unique flavor!  It was odd at first, but then I really grew to like it!  I now crave the taste & love adding them to my other cereals or just to my yogurt alone. 


Next up was the Corn Flakes – Extra thick and crispy corn flake with no added sugar. Certified organic and gluten free.  These are great corn flakes, but don’t be expecting them to be sweet, as they only have 3 ingredients – organic corn, rice malt & salt.  They have 1.2 grams/sugar per serving.  Great for adding a serving of fresh fruit & yogurt or Almond Breeze to. 


Last, but not least, the Benevit Multi-grain Flakes – Buckwheat and rice flakes with low sugar and fat content. Certified organic and gluten free.  These are great!!  I love the flavor!  Another one that is perfect for mixing or just adding fruit & yogurt to.  I love how the flakes stand up to moisture from fruit/yogurt/milk. 


These are a great addition to any gluten-free cereal pantry!  For more information, please see Riega Foods.


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A few weeks back I tweeted about not being able to get a response from Emerald Nuts about their Cocoa Roasted Almonds being gluten-free or not.  I received a very nice email from the company this week apologizing for their lack of response (they saw the tweet, but not any of my 3 emails).  They assured me that the Dark Chocolate Cocoa Roasted Almonds are in fact gluten-free.  🙂 


I hope you all have a great weekend!  Anything special planned?  I have a long run planned for tomorrow and then nothing really all weekend after that.  I am running later than normal, so I have to play around with my schedule for eating.  Normally I don’t like to eat before a run period, but I do for my runs over 6 miles.  I will eat a banana or Clif Gel.  8+ miles also warrants a Gel of sorts in the middle.  Tomorrow I may actually eat a small breakfast first, but I haven’t figured things out yet.  I think it will depend on when I get up.  I will be stuffing my face after my run, that is for sure! 😉 



Review: Glutenfreeda Instant Oatmeal

I have been eating gluten-free oatmeal for about a year now.  I have tried Lara’s, made by Cream Hill Estates and Bob’s Red Mill.  They are both very good and not hard to make at all.  However, there may be times when you need something just a little quicker.  Enter Glutenfreeda’s Instant Oatmeal.  I just happened upon this oatmeal the other day while shopping at Raisin Rack.  I picked up the variety pack, which has all 3 flavors inside:  Apple Cinnamon w/Flax, Maple Raisin w/Flax & Banana Maple w/Flax 


I have tried all 3 flavors now and they are all very good.  They range from 160 calories to 210 calories (the maple w/raisin).  They all have 4 grams of fiber and at least 5 grams of protein.  All you have to do is add water & microwave for 1-2 minutes.  Super easy on-the-go breakfast or snack. 


This picture shows the Banana Maple w/Flax and I added raisins.  I like to add all kinds of stuff into my oatmeal. If I am having it for a meal and not a snack, I will add nut butters, pumpkin, fruit, fruit spread, coconut or nuts. 

This is a great product to have on-hand for quick meals or to travel with.  It would be easy to toss in a large cup w/ water at a convenience store & micro if you are on a road trip. 

Editing to add that you can find these in bulk on Amazon:  $30 for 8 boxes of 6 packs each.


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