Getting to Know You

I saw this on another blog today and thought it would be a lot of fun to share here and to learn about some of my readers.  I feel like you guys know a lot about me or more about me than I know about you.  I would like to know more about my readers.  🙂  So, I will start with this list and then you can copy & paste your answers in the comments section.  🙂

I Am – a strong woman, wife & mother
I Want – to have completed a marathon by this time next year.
I Have – two beautiful children & a loving husband.
I Wish – the economy was in a better place.
I Hate – cancer
I Fear -death…dying before my kids.
I Hear – the news…storms are on the horizon
I Search – for new gluten-free foods all the time!
I Wonder – what the world will be like in 25 years.
I Regret – some of the things I did 15 years ago.  If I went back to change them though, my life would be different today.
I Love – my family
I Ache – for those in pain
I Always – kiss my kids & hubby good night before bed.
I Usually – talk to my sister at least once a day
I Am Not – the type of person to be late..punctuality is one of my biggest OCD habits!  LOL!
I Dance – with my daughter
I Sing – whenever the mood strikes me.
I Never – say never

I Rarely – watch TV during the day or summer.
I Cry – too much! LOL!  I am very emotional.
I Am Not Always – the most organized, though I try.
I Lose – my keys in my large purse all the time
I’m Confused – when I have to help my son with his algebra! LOL!
I Need – a good massage from my hubby.
I Should – get up & change my laundry.
I Dream – of opening my own gluten-free restaurant/bakery one day.
I hope– that my kids have a good school year…they start next week.
I feel– for my sister….she is having a rough pregnancy with twin boys.
I appreciate-all my friends, family & readers.  🙂

What lessons have you learned this year? I can do anything that I want to do if I put my mind to it.  Attitude is the key.  A positive attitude can change your whole experience.  Why be miserable when you don’t have to be? 

Now, here is a blank copy for you to cut & paste.  You can fill as much of this out as you want or as little.  I can’t wait to read more about you all!

I Am –
I Want –
I Have –
I Wish –
I Hate –
I Fear –
I Hear –
I Search –
I Wonder –
I Regret –
I Love –
I Ache –
I Always –
I Usually –
I Am Not –
I Dance –
I Sing –
I Never –
I Rarely –
I Cry –
I Am Not Always –
I Lose –
I’m Confused –
I Need –
I Should –
I Dream –
I hope-
I feel-
I appreciate-

What lessons have you learned this year?



I finally found the very elusive PB & J Lara Bar!!!  WOOOHOOOO!!!  Thanks to Raisin Rack for having it in stock, as well as every other Lara Bar flavor.  They rock!!  As a matter of fact, I have all 3 new flavors in the house right now!  I will try them all and then report back. 

I am going to dinner tonight at a new restaurant.  This place is new to me, not new.  They supposedly have a gluten-free menu.  I am super excited & can’t wait to report back to you guys! 

2 of the 3 winners of the Fiber One giveaway have not contacted me.  Elissa & Marybeth, please email me at to claim your prize!  If I don’t hear back by midnight on Friday, I will choose 2 more winners. 

When I went into my daughter’s school today, I saw a print out sitting on the desk in the office.  I asked the secretary if she has Celiac.  She told me that she didn’t, but  a student does.  Also, they think her daughter may have Celiac.  She is in college & has been having all kinds of issues.  I told her a little about the testing & gave her the link to my blog. If you are reading, I hope your daughter can get to feeling better!  Please let me know if I can help!

Have a great night. 

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  1. […] “get to know you” type games/posts/whatever you want to call them.  When I saw this on Kim’s blog, I just had to participate.  A definite, fill the boredom at work, get to know you […]

  2. I Am – a wife, mother, sister, daughter and love every one of those titles.
    I Want – people to grow up and take responsibility for their actions – specifically athletes and celebrities.
    I Have – 2 dogs I love very much!
    I Wish – people would just do the right thing, regardless of their party of religious affiliation.
    I Hate – bigots and closed-minded people.
    I Fear – see above!
    I Hear – any child yell “Mom” at wal-mart and still turn around! Mine is almost 21 sheesh.
    I Search – the ‘net everyday.
    I Wonder – what are people thinking when they do such stupid stuff!
    I Regret – mostly not going to college right out of high school but I fixed that!
    I Love – my family, friends and dogs.
    I Ache – for my grandparents who are all gone now.
    I Always – check the stove and oven before I leave the house!
    I Usually – stop and get an iced-tea (no sugar) in the morning on my way to work.
    I Am Not – at my ideal weight but am trying to get committed to getting there.
    I Dance – when no one is looking!
    I Sing – in my car to oldies!
    I Never – float stop signs since I got a ticket last year for that!
    I Rarely – go to concerts…they cost too much.
    I Cry – every time at the end of Homeward Bound = The Incredible Journey (updated one) right before Shadow comes over the hill…I know he’s coming but I still cry.
    I Am Not Always – well dressed.
    I Lose – most of the scratch off lottery tickets I buy.
    I’m Confused – again…by the stupid acts of people like DUI, leaving your baby in a dumpster, etc.
    I Need – more wisdom and patience.
    I Should – put down the donuts and cookies and walk.
    I Dream – of Oklahoma State beating OU in football.
    I hope- again, Oklahoma State beats OU in football.
    I feel- sad for people who are poor and homeless.
    I appreciate- my family.

    What lessons have you learned this year?
    Always be open to making new friends. I now have a best friend who likes the same thing I do (scrapbooking) and we met at a Celiac support group ’cause her husband has it so she totally gets the diet!

  3. for real? a peanut butter and jelly larabar. holy smokes. that tropical tart flavor sounds yummy too.

    • Oh yeah, the PB & J Lara Bar is amazing! I just had it this AM for a snack. I was in shock at how much it really does taste like PB & J!!

  4. I Am – A Dad and Husband first. All else can wait.
    I Want – to help kids who have been abused or have diseases that keep them from having a normal life.
    I Have – Two smart and talented kids, a great new dog, and a scar that looks like I was in a knife fight
    I Wish – I still lived in Seattle
    I Hate – Alcohol
    I Fear -lightning, i’ve been hit once and that $%*# hurts!.
    I Hear – that my kids are wonderful students
    I Search – for people I can help
    I Wonder – if I will reach all of my goals
    I Regret – Not taking action when I had the chance.
    I Love – my family
    I Ache – when there are situations for kids that I cant fix.
    I Always – protect my family
    I Usually – am very quiet and reserved.
    I Am Not – a fan of baseball. Its not a sport. Its just not and i wont be convinced otherwise. I’m tellin ya, don’t get me started.
    I Dance – not nearly as well as I think I do.
    I Sing – just like Axl Rose
    I Never – drink or smoke
    I Rarely – sleep more than 5 hours
    I Cry – when my kids say somethign from the heart to me.
    I Am Not Always – able to drive the speed limit…at all.
    I Lose – in Texas Hold-em every freakin time!
    I Need – one, just one web expert to lend me a hand for a day who wont take my money and break more than they fix.
    I Should – get on the iPhone Application development boat while its hot.
    I Dream – of writing for my blogs from a boat, and have that be my 9-5 every day.
    I hope- that my kids are always safe.
    I feel- for my pup who is home alone right now.
    I appreciate- all of my web/twitter friends. Ive never had many friends (not a poor me, its by choice) but I hope I keep some of these friendships for a long time!

    • Thanks for taking the time to respond, Jay. I learned a lot about you. 🙂

      When were you hit by lightening? OUCH!

  5. I was 16 and just jumped out of the pool. it hit me and the house as I went in. Went in my hand and out my foot which was on the A/C vent. I was out for a good 10 minutes but my dad still didnt take me to the hospital lol.

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