Review: Boston’s Pizza

Take-out pizza.  When is the last time you had take-out pizza that was gluten-free?  I can tell you when I last had it.  Never.  Well, not until tonight, that is.  Sure, Donato’s Pizza makes a “No Dough” pizza, but it is not the same.  There is no “crust”.  The “No Dough” is either a soy crisp with sauce, cheese & toppings or sauce, cheese & toppings on a plate.  Not my idea of take-out pizza. 


Enter: Boston’s, The Gourmet Pizza.  Boston’s has locations throughout the United States, with 2 locations in Ohio.  One of the Ohio locations happens to be right next door to my husband’s office, so I asked nicely if he could bring home some take-out for us.  🙂  Of course, he did!  Jon ordered the pepperoni & cheese pizza, I ordered the Florentine pizza.  My pizza was topped with Boston’s special pizza sauce, fresh spinach and basil, mozzarella cheese, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted garlic and freshly grated parmesan cheese.  The pizza were a little under 10 inches (the gluten-free pizza only comes in a size small).  There are many choices for toppings on the menu. 

Jon’s – Pepperoni & Cheese


More Pepperoni & Cheese


My Florentine Pizza


More Florentine Pizza


So, the part you have all been waiting for.  How was it?  In a word…..phenomenal!  WOW!!  Seriously, I am super impressed.  The toppings were plentiful & flavorful.  The crust was thin and crisp and held the weight of the toppings!  Jon ate his entire pizza by himself!!  I ate half and had a large salad on the side.  I wanted to save some for lunch tomorrow!  🙂  I would definitely recommend Boston’s to anyone, gluten-free or not.  They have additional menu items for those who are not gluten-free, including pastas & grill items. 

***Editing to add some pricing information.  The cost of 2 small, gluten-free pizzas from Boston’s was $26.00.  Aaron was a little shocked by the price.  I found it to be in line with the price of Uno Chicago Grill’s GF Pizza and the Take-N-Bake Pizza from Holiday Baking Company.

Now, for some fun stuff:

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20 Responses

  1. Glad Boston’s was such a hit! Mike used to work at Donato’s – so I totally know the soy crisp stuff you are talking about (i ate that a LOT because it was when I was trying to lose weight for our wedding) – I wanted real DOUGH not fake weird crisp 🙂

  2. I have three local sources in Southern Ontario for GF take out pizza. Is Boston’s pizza the Boston Pizza franchise? If so, then no not yet here/

    • Yes, it is the Boston’s pizza franchise.

      How nice that you have 3 sources for take out GF pizza!


  3. i had Boston’s gluten free pizza when I was in Grand Rapids on Friday July 24th. It was unbelievable! Yummy! It was so nice to have a restaurant to go to instead of just a pick up place. I am excited to find out that there is one in Utah in Layton!

  4. Okay, I’m jealous over this one! The pizza looks so real. I’ve only found one place in GA and we have to drive about an hour.

    What can we do to get more GF pizza places? I think it’s the “up and coming” kind of thing.

  5. Julie,

    I think the best thing we can do is keep asking the establishments. Emails, phone calls, etc. The more people that ask, the better the chances of seeing results.


    Pizza Fusion is the place you are talking about in GA, right?


  6. Yes, Pizza Fusion.

  7. You’d think there would be a Boston’s in Boston, MA

    It looks like a good pizza. I went to the Cape a couple of weeks ago and had an absolutely perfect GF pizza at Bz’s, it would be nice to get something similar a bit closer to home!

    • Gwen, yes you would think they would!! LOL!

      Glad you had good pizza @ Bz’s. I have never been to the Cape and haven’t been to Boston since I was a child, but hope to get back some day. 🙂 Love Boston!

      Thanks for reading!


  8. Kim, I emailed Boston’s and Pizza Fusion and asked them to consider opening a restaurant closer to me. I found out GA does have a Boston’s–it’s maybe a couple of hours away? Just guessing.

    It can’t hurt to ask them. 🙂

    • WTG!!! I will email Pizza Fusion, too!!

      I wonder if I promise to dine there at least twice a week and tell everyone I know if that is enough? 😉 LOL!


  9. We have a Boston’s near us here in Texas. Recently, for the first time in over 8 years I was able to have my pizza delivered along with my family’s gluten pizza’s. It was wonderful. I’ve since tried a few, in the restaurant and delivery – they are also delish!

  10. Went to Bostons in Arlington a few months ago when I asked about the Gluten free pizza they said the only thing gluten free was the crust. They offered me a crust only and a gluten free beer. It was very frustrating to say the least.

  11. You can quickly search through gluten free menus for restaurants in the Boston area by going to

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  13. […] one, to my knowledge, that is serving gluten-free bread. Uno’s Chicago Grill, Z Pizza, Boston’s Gourmet Pizza and BJ’s Brewhouse are doing gluten-free pizza, but not bread for sandwiches. This could be […]

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