Friday Fun & a Contest!!

I had a lot of time to think this morning while I was getting my 7 mile run in.   I ran on the treadmill at the gym because it was dark outside and I have watched a few too many horror movies (and too much news on TV as well).  So while I was chugging along to my tunes, I came up with this super fun Friday game & bonus contest at the end!

The game first.  Take the word “Friday” and then list your favorite gluten-free foods that start with each letter in the word “Friday”.  See my example:

F ~ Fritos

R~ Raspberries

I~Ice Cream (the gluten-free kind, of course)

D~Dark Chocolate


Y~Yellow Squash

Now, it is your turn!  Just simply put your answers in the comment section below.  Feel free to share this on your blog as well!

Now, the contest.  Everyone likes a contest, right?  Well, I made a new vegetable last night and loved it.  I prepared it much like I do my butternut squash fries.  Here is a picture of the vegetable (cut up, not in it’s whole state):


The prize is a gluten-free goodie package that contains the following:

  • Endangered Species Supreme Dark Chocolate Bar
  • Authentic Foods All Purpose Bread Mix
  • ‘Cause Your Special Classic Muffin & Quick Bread Mix


Here are the ways to enter & win:

1.  Correctly guess the vegetable I have pictured above.

2.  Post your answer below & link back to your blog or tweet about it & let me know in the comments section.

3.  I will randomly choose a winner from the people who responded correctly.  Contest will run through midnight tonight (Friday).

Have fun and have a great Friday!!!!

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10 Responses

  1. A contest on Friday is always fun! My guess is Yucca? I’ll post my answer to my site as well 🙂
    Happy Friday!

    • No, not yucca, but I really do want to try that and soon!!

      See today’s post this afternoon for the answer. 🙂

  2. jicama?

  3. taro root

    blogging at my site

  4. Oh, wow! Thank you so much for the support and including us in your contest! Glad to see you enjoy it & are sharing it with others! 🙂

    Endangered Species Chocolate

    • You are welcome, Ashlee! I love ESC!! YUM!! I also like to share the love with others. 🙂


  5. […] other vegetables that I have made into French fries included yucca root, parsnips, rutabaga and sweet potatoes. I have also been known to eat raw okra or green beans dipped in ketchup as […]

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