Weekly Menu Plan ~ July 20, 2009

A quick update to my 10K post yesterday and then I will get down to business.  I got the official race results back just a little while ago.  I finished in 53:22; 25th overall (out of 79 people) and 2nd in my age group (out of 13 women).  🙂  Not too bad for my first race!  Now I have caught the bug!  I really want to do a few more races before my half in October.

Remember when I said last week that baseball was over?  I was sadly mistaken.  Jon had games last Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday night because they kept winning in the championships.  That isn’t a bad thing, but that is a lot of ball and the games were right at 6 PM every night.  Hard to do anything else or get to the field in time, etc.  Well, it is now over.  They did lose Wednesday night, but had an amazing season and played well.  This week doesn’t look too bad right now (I probably shouldn’t even say that, huh?). 

Sunday ~ The now weekly Rotisserie chicken, steamed green beans, sweet potato & salad

Monday ~ Sweet Thai Chile Salmon, buckwheat, asparagus & salad

Tuesday ~ Mom’s night out! Homemade Macaroni & Cheese for the family, baked beans & cut up fruit

Wednesday ~ BBQ chix, garlic rosemary potatoes or baked potatoes, broccoli & salad

Thursday~ Burgers on the grill, butternut squash fries, zucchini & salad

Friday~ Homemade pizza, veggies & salad

Saturday~ leftovers

Baked Goods

Pamela’s Bread

Pamela’s Bagels

Bob’s Red Mill Pizza Crust

May try out a Cherry Cake recipe using Bing Cherries!  YUM!

I hope you all have a great week!  Don’t forget to check out Orgjunkie for lots of menu planning ideas. 

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2 Responses

  1. What do you put in your homemade mac and cheese? I have never homemade it…I rely on Velveeta 🙂

    • Hi Becca!

      It is really nothing spectacular. I use the recipe off of the Velveeta cheese box. It is:

      2 cups uncooked pasta (I use Trader Joe’s Brown Rice)
      3/4 lb Velveeta (I use 2%) cut up
      1/3 cup milk
      1/8 tsp pepper

      Cook pasta & drain. Add cut up Velveeta, milk & pepper & stir until melted over low heat.


      So simple and so good. The kids love it. Not completely homemade. I prefer a blend of cheeses like cheddar, provolone, fontina & swiss melted into a roux, then added to pasta & baked with gluten-free breadcrumbs on top, but the kids won’t eat it! LOL! Too gourmet for them, I guess.


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