Breaking News: More Gluten-Free Cereal from General Mills

First, I must start by saying that I am very grateful to this fabulous company for recognizing that it isn’t necessary to use wheat starch or barley malt in every cereal that they make.  There are so many more cereals out there that could easily be converted to a gluten-free recipe if the barley malt flavoring or wheat starch were removed.  I know, reformulating is probably not cheap, but think of the increased number of consumers you could reach!! 

As I was reading my blog reader this morning, I came upon a post by Gluten-Free Philly announcing that General Mills has come out with a new version of Cookie Crisp and this one has no gluten containing ingredients!  The cereal is Sprinkles Cookie Crisp.  Probably not the healthiest choice of the gluten-free cereals available, but a choice nonetheless.  So you can add this to the list of other cereals made by General Mills that contain no gluten:

  • Rice Chex
  • Corn Chex
  • Cinnamon Chex
  • Chocolate Chex
  • Strawberry Chex
  • Honey Nut Chex
  • Trix
  • Kix (check ingredients…old boxes have oats)
  • Honey Kix
  • Berry Berry Kix
  • Sprinkles Cookie Crisp
  • The elusive Chocolate Lucky Charms
  • Dora the Explorer

I have not looked yet for the Sprinkles Cookie Crisp in my local store because I just found out about them.  I will start to look next time I am in the store.  Though, I need another box of cereal like I need a hole in my head.  For those who can’t find the cereal locally, our favorite online shopping venue offers up the cereal in cases of 4. 

**Please note that the Chex cereals are the only ones that are specifically labeled “Gluten-Free”.  The others listed contain no gluten ingredients and are enjoyed by many who follow the gluten-free diet.  Both Jon & I are extremely sensitive and have had no issues. 

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  1. I just found your blog. what a great one it is. I went back on some of your posts, and was so happy to see some of your recipes, they sould so good and are easy to make. Thanks.

    • Thanks for stopping by & reading! 🙂

      Please let me know if you have any questions. 🙂


  2. Do you by any chance know if this cereal is also milk/dairy free?

    We follow a gluten-free, casein-free diet for my oldest son who is autistic. How cool would it be for him if he could eat a KIDS cereal that’s a mainstream cereal, not some $5-$8 a box of cereal that doesn’t taste worth a crap?!

    Thanks and I’ll definitely be meandering around your blog some more!

  3. Oh, how I wish we could get these cereals in Canada! I thought Wal-mart might have them but no luck at the one near me 😦
    I love your blog and visit it quite often. Keep up the good work 🙂
    Aunt Jayne

    • Thank you so much for the compliment & for reading. 🙂 I am sorry that you can’t get these in Canada.


    • Gluten Free CHEX is available at Sobey’s at Clark & Hilda, Thornhill, just north of Toronto. But it’s not in the cereal section – it’s in the Kosher Foods section.

    • Chex is now available in many grocery stores in Canada. Also check out Captain Crunch, full of sugar but appears to be gluten free, though doesn’t state it.

  4. Thank you, thank you for this post. I was on the hunt for the Chocolate Lucky Charms and we found them at our grocery store on base. It was the perfect day to buy them as they cost 1.99 and we got 1.00 off coupons on each pack :0). Lets just say we have 3 packs now and one little happy guy.

  5. I have been researching all morning about Honey Kix to verify if they are GF or not. I have read the label and I have been eating them for about two weeks now, but every time I eat them, I seem to get an awful headache afterwards. So, I started to question whether or not they were GF or not. Are you really sure if they are GF or not? General Mills is not very cooperative when communicating so that is why I thought I would ask another Celiac. Any help would be appreciative. Also, thanks for sharing your great website.

    • Hi Holly!

      The ingredients are all gluten-free. They aren’t produced on dedicated lines, hence the reason GM won’t label them “GF”. Both Jon and I are extremely sensitive and neither of us had an any issues with these. I am sorry that you are getting headaches after you eat them!


  6. Thanks Kim for the information and the quick response!


  7. […] main one that comes to my mind is General Mills.  This year they have really expanded the gluten-free cereal market to include a number of Chex cereals.  They also have the new Betty Crocker line of gluten-free […]

  8. have you or your son had a reaction from the cookie crisp sprinkles since you’ve posted this? How often do you eat them? What about Kix?

    • Alex,

      No, we have not had any reactions to the Sprinkles or Kix. We both are very sensitive & usually get sick within 30 – 60 minutes once we have any trace of gluten.


  9. I didn’t know thus about the other cereals, that is great! My daughter has been asking fir Trix and now I can get them, though she might prefer the cookie crisp 😉

  10. I don’t know how you all do it … I can’t eat Cookie Crisp Sprinkles (or the newer Kix — haven’t tried Trix) — w/o a definite gluten reaction. Hands down — I have tried it over and over and definitely get glutened. I have no reaction to the sugary EnviroKids cereals though — guess I will stick with those! Just want to warn those who may be extremely sensitive.

    • Alex –

      Since I originally posted this, I have stopped eating Trix. DS and I both reacted the last time we ate it. The Cookie Crisp has been okay, though. However, I do prefer Envirokidz Leapin Lemurs over any of these.

  11. Hi — Stumbled across your blog and was wondering about the Chocolate Lucky Charms — I thought Lucky Charms has oats in it??

    I miss regular Lucky Charms like crazy — but Chocolate LC would suffice!! Thanks so much for a great blog!

  12. oh my gosh that is so cool, what help this is!:)

  13. Thanks so much for posting this list. This is an enormous cereal aisle time-saver 🙂

  14. hey! thanks for the blog.. so exciting. i find out on monday if i am gluten intolerant or not. im hoping not, but it might be an answer to a long terrible problem!
    are honeycombs gluten free? i saw no mention of gluten on the label, but i am a newbie!
    thanks for your help 🙂

  15. Hi Charlie,

    No, to my knowledge, Honeycombs are not gluten-free unless they have reformulated their product. They are made with oats, which are not gluten-free unless certified GF and they would say so on the label.

  16. What youre saying is completely true. I know that everybody must say the same thing, but I just think that you put it in a way that everyone can understand. They fit so well with what youre trying to say. Im sure youll reach so many people with what youve got to say.

  17. I’m wheat, gluten and dairy intolerant, and I used to love Lucky Charms so much, but won’t risk them at the moment due to the oats. I’ve read that Chocolate lucky charms are gluten free but are they dairy free? I can’t see anything on the ingredients online that is clearly dairy (but it does have some vague ingredients), but does anyone know for certain?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  18. @DJay – I don’t think the CHocolate Lucky Charms are even GF anymore. This post was originally written in 2009. I believe even the Chocolate LC contain oats now and they are not GF oats.


  19. Hi,

    I just wanted to add a comment: I’m gluten-intolerant, but not extremely sensitive. I just bought a box of Trix after noticing they had no gluten ingredients. I ate a bit last night, and some this morning, and had a definite gluten reaction, so be careful! I guess I’ll stick to my Rice Chex…

  20. OK,
    •Kix (check ingredients…old boxes have oats)
    •Honey Kix
    •Berry Berry Kix
    •Sprinkles Cookie Crisp
    •The elusive Chocolate Lucky Charms
    •Dora the Explorer


    • I am sorry you aren’t feeling well. This post is over 2.5 years old, so it makes sense that some of the information or ingredients may have changed. It is important to check labels each & every time you purchase a product.

      I hope you feel better soon.


      • Have you tried updating this blog-post so that it reflects the changes in GM’s cereals? or is it impossible to update posts?

    • Thank you for your effort in checking into this more. I didn’t bother other than clicking a link, I knew something had to be up. I miss Lucky Charms so much, I highly doubted its gluten-freeness. Definitely not, for there are whole grain oats in it, along with dextrose and GELATIN which are horrible for those who are really sick with celiac or severely allergic to gluten. Sorry you had a more hands on approach to researching this.

  21. I already buy the cinnamon chex and eat them REGULARLY so it is great to add my old favorite, Kix, back into my snacking regimen!!

  22. I am super behind the times! KIX is gluten free! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. I have been through numerous test this last week and I am sure I have Celiacs or a severe Gluten allergy I love cereal but I am confused on which cereal is good . Right now I am scared to death to put anything in my system. I love cereal and right now that sounds good especially since I haven’t eaten much. Can you have 2% milk also ?

    • Just buy gluten free cereal – best ones are by natures path. And drink almond milk instead…as dairy is problematic with gluten sensitive persons.

  24. any help would be wonderful I feel like I am being flooded with conflicting information:(

  25. There is gluten in the lucky charms chocolate version. gelatin, whole grain oats, dextrose, for those with severe gluten allergies and celiac disease, many of those cannot eat any of that without suffering, But thank you so much for posting all these, I miss Cookie Crisp.

  26. Cocoa and Fruity Pebbles state they are Glutne Free.

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  31. I ate some chocolate lucky charms tonight and I’m sad to say, they must have had cross contamination because I got some symptoms during and after eating them. Just a warning to all celiac sufferers out there, just because wheat isn’t labeled doesn’t mean its safe!

  32. […] Breaking News: More Gluten-Free Cereal from General Mills … – I’m wheat, gluten and dairy intolerant, and I used to love Lucky Charms so much, but won’t risk them at the moment due to the oats. I’ve read that Chocolate lucky charms are gluten free but are they dairy free? […]

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