The Tradition

Every year when we go to Sunset Beach we have a tradition of walking down to the ice cream shop to get ice cream after dinner.  We don’t go every night, but usually every other.  The ice cream shop is part of Julie’s Rentals.  Julie’s serves Hershey’s Ice Cream



The kids love the anticipation of walking down, choosing their flavor & then taking their first lick of their ice cream. 



The adults love the fact that the walk to & from the ice cream store helps keep some of that ice cream off of their hips. 😉


Is it less expensive to buy ice cream & just serve everyone at home?  Yes.  However, then you lose out on the exercise, the bonding, the choice of flavor & creating memories & traditions.  Not worth it in my book.  😉

And now, I present, my new found love, Coconut Almond Chocolate Chip Ice Cream:


This is probably my new favorite flavor.  Of course, there is the peach yogurt that has huge chunks of peaches in it, but they are out of that right now. 😦  They saved the last scoop for this little old man that was leaving the beach.  I can’t fault them for that.  Another excellent choice is the cappuccino crunch (it has big chunks of Heath Bar!).  Then there are a dozen or so other flavors….rainbow sherbet, White house cherry, moose tracks, chocolate moose tracks, superman, cotton candy, vanilla, chocolate, chocolate chip, coconut, orange cream, mint chocolate chip, butter pecan. 

The last & final (and probably most important) fact about the ice cream at Julie’s Rentals is the fact that they “get” gluten-free.  The sweet girls that work there see us walk in & grab the  scoops & walk to the sink to wash them for us.  The ice cream is gluten-free (except for the obvious no-nos….anything with cookies or brownies or graham crackers in it).  You really can’t beat this place or this tradition.  I look forward to it every year.