Menu Plan ~ May 31, 2009

Yes, we are on vacation, but I still menu plan.  It is in my blood!  I do it a little differently though, at least I am this week.  I am only planning out 2-3 days at a time, then going to the store for the items a few times during the week.  I do this mainly so that I don’t end up having a bunch of leftovers to cart home with me or go to waste.   Next week, the 2nd week we will be here, I have already planned out the whole week because our families will be joining us and we needed to see who wanted to participate in what meals so that we can be prepared with groceries. 

Sunday ~ Shrimp Scampi (Aaron’s recipe), steamed green beans & salad.

Monday ~ Chicken Bouldy (again, Aaron’s amazing recipe), brown rice, steamed broccoli & salad

Tuesday ~ Turkey burgers, baked sweet potatoes, snow peas & salad

I know that we will do some fresh seafood a couple more times this week.  I love salmon, so that is a definite.  I also love sea scallops, lobster tail, grouper, flounder, etc.  I would like to try mahi mahi, as I have never had it, but have no idea how to prepare it.  May be time to give it a try!

No baking here this week.  I did enough last week preparing for the trip!!

Be sure to check back Tuesday or Wednesday for my mid-week menu plan!

I also wanted to share that the kids & I walked for our ice cream last night and I had the coconut.  It was amazing!!  There were pieces of toasted coconut in the ice cream!  YUM!!  I think peach yogurt is next on my agenda to sample. 

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