Beach Bumming

We are currently on vacation at the beach for 2 weeks! This is one of my favorite times of the year. Getting here is a little stressful, preparing all the stuff we bring along and food that I make sure that Jon & I have with us so that we don’t go without. I bake extra bread, buy extra goodies and pack toasters & coffee makers.

The stores in the area are usually well stocked, but I hate to be unprepared. It is not in my nature. I am a planner at heart. We don’t eat out for the most part, maybe one or 2 meals, tops. It is much less expensive to cook at home and you don’t have to try to get a group of 10+ people sat down at one time in a busy restaurant. Not to mention trying to get a safe, gluten-free meal after that. I will update on the local stores once I hit them tomorrow. We just arrived today, so we just have the necessities right now. I am on the hunt for Chocolate Chex & the Betty Crocker GF Mixes. I won’t stop until I find them!

Tonight we will go for a nice walk along the beach and then stop for ice cream on the way home. I love this place…you can walk everywhere and that means that you work off your dessert or at least feel better about indulging. 😉 The great thing about this ice cream place is that since we have been coming here for so many years, the women that work there know that Jon & I have to eat GF and know to grab clean ice cream scoops as they see us walk in the door, even if it is the first time of the year! Love that!!!

As I sign off tonight, I am sitting on our porch looking out over the ocean with a nice glass of cabernet. Ahhhhh!!

7 Responses

  1. Ohhhh….I’m so jealous! You are lucky, lucky, lucky! Have a great time and let me know if you find those gf goodies!!!

  2. Just out of curiosity, where are you vacationing? We are going to Outer Banks in July… Hoping to find GF food in the stores there, but not totally counting on it…

  3. NICE!
    I must say I’m a tad bit envious 🙂
    Enjoy your vacation…ice cream and all!!
    What beach?

    • Erin,

      We are in Sunset Beach, NC. It is gorgeous! 🙂

      I had some awesome coconut ice cream last night! YUM!

  4. Have a beautiful trip. Betty Crocker GF? I’ve never heard of it!! We’re going to a wedding in FL next weeking–I was just thinking about how to pack my food. Thanks.

    • Yes, Julie, can you believe it!! BC will have cookies, brownies & 2 different cake mixes.

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