Product Review: Dagoba Seeds Bar

I had the pleasure of winning a free chocolate bar from Dagoba a week or so ago.  They send me the Dagoba Seeds Bar.  I was very excited to try & savor this bar.  The list of ingredients:

Ingredients – Organic dark chocolate* (OG cacao beans, OG evaporated cane juice, OG cacao butter, OG soy lecithin), OG pumpkin seeds*, OG Manitoba Harvest™ hemp seeds*, OG sunflower seeds, Big Tree Farms Balinese sea salt.



I broke into this bar the other night after dinner and wow…….A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!  The perfect combo of sweet & salty.  The nuts were prominent enough, but didn’t take over the bar.  Went wonderfully with a great glass of cabernet. 

Along with my bar, Dagoba kindly sent me a $1.00 off coupon for another chocolate bar.  I was at Whole Foods last night and looked for another Seeds Bar, but didn’t find any.  😦  I settled (haha….any bar from Dagoba is not settling) on a New Moon Bar, which as it stands, is tied in first for my fav from Dagoba.  I am on a quest to try them all (hint, hint).  😉 

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