Product Review: Weil by Nature’s Path Goji Moji Bar

I bought these bars to snack on before my longer runs or when I am on the run & need a quick snack.  I was please with the chocolada walnut bar I had a few weeks back, so this was the next flavor choice.  It is cranberry/goji berry.  What is a goji berry?  I have no idea, so I looked it up. A goji berry is also called a wolfberry.   If you click on the link it will take you to Wikipedia to get all kinds of info. 

Some facts:

Loaded with goodness – organic dates, fig paste, cashews, dried sweetened cranberries, goji berries, orange peel, lemon juice concentrate and orange oil.

Made with love and …

Organic dates, organic fig paste, organic cashews, organic dried sweetened cranberries (organic cranberries, organic evaporated cane juice, organic sunflower oil), organic goji berries, organic dried orange peel, organic lemon juice concentrate, organic orange oil.




Upon taking my first bite of this bar, it reminded me of a Fig Newton!  I was surprised & pleased!  Love Fig Newtons, but as you all know, they are not gluten-free.  There were lots of other yummy flavors in the bar, including orange & cranberry.  This bar ROCKED!!  I will definitely be purchasing it again.  It also held me over until lunch…about 2 hours or so. 


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