Gluten Free Salad Challenge Day #8

Wow….here I am in week 2 of my salad challenge!  I really can’t tell you all how much I am enjoying creating fun & new salads, adding things I would have never added before.  Great way to become more creative with my cooking & food prep.  I did today’s salad for lunch because I am meeting a couple of friends out for dinner at Outback, one of my favorite places to eat gluten-free. 

The make up of the salad:

~ 2 cups of arugula & mixed baby greens

~ large handful of grape tomatoes

~ 1/2 zucchini

~ 1/4 cucumber

~ 1 chopped steamed beet (got these pre-made at Trader Joe’s today..YUM)

~ 1 TBSP Goat Cheese

~ 1 TBSP Pine Nuts

~ Drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette


This may have been one of my favorite combos by far.  I love beets (this is just within the past year), but hate the prep.  Peeling, etc.  They are messy & stain.  The ones I got from Trader Joe’s are already steamed (so they are peeled) and ready to go.  Just open the package & slice for a salad or heat up.  Perfect for my salad. 

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