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I know it seems as if I have been “missing in action” this week.  Well, I have been, somewhat.  I am on Spring Break!  YAY!  We have been having a wonderful time in Atlanta, Georgia!  Warm & sunny, up until today.  Still, I’ll take rain & warmer temps. 

We had a successful road trip down.  We packed all of our food so that we didn’t have to eat on the road.  Then at lunch time, we pulled into a McD’s parking lot and had a picnic in the car (all the rest areas were closed along I-75 in the area for some reason). 

We have eaten out a couple of times since being here, but are preparing most meals at home.  We did our grocery shopping at Kroger & Wal-Mart.  Kroger had a pretty impressive selection of gluten-free items.  I even had the chance to speak with the manager of the store and thanked him.  He said that he would love to make the area even larger when they remodel the store b/c the demand is so high.  YAY!  The Wal-Mart here didn’t have close to the selection that mine does back home, but that is no biggie.  I came prepared with my rubbermaid tote box full of GF specialty foods & frozen Pamela’s bread made at home.  😉 

We ate at Chili’s Too on Tuesday.  I had never seen a Chili’s Too, I guess this is the scaled down mall version.  They did have a GF menu.  They seemed very helpful, however, I got glutened.  😦  Jon didn’t, so that was a plus, especially since he was just coming off having the stomach flu the day before (there was no doubt that he had the flu, as Hannah, I and the little girl I watch all had some version of it).  I was bummed that I was glutened.  I won’t eat at Chili’s Too again, but may still try Chili’s back h0me down the road.

Last night my sister, Mom and I ate at an amazing local place called Aqua Terra.  I have lots of fun details & pics from this dinner, so I will post in a separate blog posting. 

We are heading home on Saturday.  I will be sad to leave, but happy to be back to our routine.  I missed doing my menu planning this week and reading all the blogs.  I have lots to catch up on! 

See you all when I get back!