A Gluten-Free Road Trip

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At the end of this upcoming week we will leave to head to Atlanta for Spring Break.  We are driving.  I DON’T fly.  In the past I have made sure to have menus of places that can safely feed Jon & I gluten-free.  This time, I am going to really depend on packing food for us, as I am trying to save money and we tend to eat much healthier when I pack our food.  We leave on Friday, after school and head to my Mom’s, about 1.5 hours away and will spend the night there.  We will then get up at the butt crack of dawn and head out for Atlanta Saturday AM.  So, here is what I am thinking for the cooler/car eats:

Raw Carrots

grape tomatoes





Deli Roll-ups

Salad (spinach w/grape tomatoes is my recent fav)

Sandwiches (toast bread before hand and then make sandwich)

Tuna Salad (to be eaten on toasted bread or on spinach salad)


KIND Bars (coconut/almond are my fav)

Envirokidz Bars

Rice Cakes w/PB

Carrot/Coconut/Raisin Muffins


So, I am thinking that we won’t be going hungry!  LOL!  I plan to stock up on bottled water at Wal-mart before we leave as well to avoid having to buy water on the road.  Too pricey.  I will also pack Capri-Sun for the kids. 

Once we are in Atlanta, we should be fine.  Kroger is close by to my sister and they have the basics and I will have the bread.  I am brining my cheap $10 toaster with us so that I don’t have to worry about CC with my sister’s stuff.  It is small and easy to bring along. 

I am hoping this helps to avoid the stops at McD’s/Wendy’s & the like on the way down & back.  We have depended on those places in the past, but it is much easier not too and you don’t have to wait to eat if you can’t find anything that you can eat….HUGE, when you are out in the middle of no where. 

Menu Plan Monday ~ March 15, 2009

Okay, so maybe it is “Menu Plan Sunday”, whatever.  This week is the last week before we leave for Spring Break!  YIPPEE!  Actually, it isn’t even really a full week.  We leave on Friday after the kids get out of school.  Aaron will be staying home, holding down the fort,making sure the house is okay. 😉  LOL!  The kids, my Mom & I will be visiting my sister, BIL and nephew in Atlanta!  I am so excited, as are the kids. 

Getting ready and packing this week is going to take precedence over cooking and baking.  I will be baking 2 loaves of bread to take with us (for Jon & I), brownies and maybe some carob fudge, too.  I have the coconut pumpkin muffins in the freezer from last week to snack on as well and some thumbprint cookies from Christmas frozen to take as well.  There will be no shortage of treats.  Watch for my post on traveling & adhering to the gluten-free diet. 

Sunday ~Bourbon Chicken, brown rice, broccoli & salad

Monday~Salmon (sweet Thai chile for me, garlic/dill for Aaron & Jon, Hannah will have fish sticks), baked potatoes or Crash hot potatoes, green beans & salad

Tuesday~Mexican Pizzas (I will use ground turkey most likely, with taco seasoning & refried beans on tostada shells), Mexican rice & corn

Wednesday~Breakfast for dinner (omelets/eggs, bacon or sausage, sweet potato hash browns, toast & OJ ~ that needs to be gone before we leave)

Thursday~Lasagna, steamed veggies & salad (I am meeting 2 girlfriends out, this is for Aaron & the kids)

Friday~leaving for AtlantaSaturday~Spring Break

 Baked Goods2 loaves of Pamela’s BreadTrader Joe’s BrowniesCarob Fudge (I decided to postpone this so I can bring to my sister & fam to sample 😉 ~ I am nice like that)

Five Dollar Dinners is hosting this week’s menu swap!  Book of Yum is hosting this week’s GF Menu Swap. 

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