A Gluten-Free Bakery, For Real!

I was driving down the street today to return a book to the library that was overdue.  That is nothing new for me.  I can’t seem to return these things on time.  I just can’t do it.  No matter how hard I try.  Anyway, I was in my own little world when I looked over the to left and see  a sign on the side of the street that said “Bakery Open ~ Gluten-Free Available”!  WHAT?  Am I seeing things?  I couldn’t stop then because I was going the opposite way, but I was definitely hitting that place on my way back. 

Holiday Baking Company in Worthington, Ohio.  That is the name of my new found love.  Yes, I bake my own GF stuff and enjoy doing so, but just the idea of knowing that there is someplace out there that could do it for me, if needed, is so comforting!  Over 3 years gluten-free, and I have yet to find a local bakery that does gluten-free baking.  I went in and spoke with the Proprietor, Lisa.  Lisa explained how they do the gluten-free baking on alternate days from the regular baking so they can avoid cross-contamination.  Then, as soon as the baked items are cooled, they are wrapped up and placed on the top shelf in the display case to avoid potential cross-contamination from the gluten-filled baked goods.  I was impressed with the selection.  I purchased a lemon bar and a cappuccino chocolate chip muffin.  I had to hold myself back to save these for when Jon got home from school.

The taste test.  YUM!  I had a small bite of the muffin and it was excellent.  The lemon bar was all I expected it to be and more.  Jon ooohed and aaahhed over the treats.  It is definitely someplace I will be frequenting again and possibly getting larger cakes for functions when I don’t have time to make my own. 

Thank you, Lisa, for making a safe product for those of us who have to follow such a strict diet.  We appreciate it.  🙂

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