Product Review: Nature’s Path Cereals


Thank God for this company.  That is how I am going to start out this post.  Since I went gluten-free, over 3 years ago, I have purchased & enjoyed many products from Nature’s Path.  First it was the Envirokidz Crispy Rice Bars.  I like them all. 🙂  Then I moved onto the Gorilla Munch cereal & the Amazon Flakes (like sweet corn flakes).  Then the Panda Puffs and now, the beloved Leapin’ Lemurs, which is the PB Panda Puffs with chocolate puffs in the box too!  YUM!! 

Just recently I ventured out & tried the Mesa Sunrise cereal and loved it.  Not sure why I waited so long to try that.  Today I tried the Whole O’s, like Cheerios, but gluten-free.  Very impressed.  I honestly can’t think of a product by Nature’s Path that I have tried and have not liked.  Truly a very reputable company.  Their products can be a little on the pricey side, but a lot of that depends on where you buy them and watching for sales.  Amazon offers deals on bulk purchases & subscription services.  Wal-Mart was spotted selling the Envirokidz bars for $2.49/box of 6.  The products are well worth the money, in my opinion.  Keep up the good work, Nature’s Path!





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