Uno Chicago Grill ~ Gluten-Free Pizza Review

OH.MY.GOD.  Seriously, I might be at a loss for words.  Not only does Uno Chicago Grill have a GF menu, but they have  GF pizza on it!!  Now, it isn’t deep dish pizza, but I’ll take any pizza at this point.  Having been GF for 3+ years and not having pizza (other than what I make at home), I was VERY excited to try this.  I didn’t get a picture, unfortunately.  I didn’t think to bring my camera and I honestly don’t think it was around long enough for a picture.  Jon & I ordered the pepperoni pizza, salad & steamed broccoli.  Heaven.  Simply, heaven.  The pizza was on a thin crust, the flavor & texture was amazing.  I was also very impressed by the knowledge of the needs of gluten-free dining.  Bill, the manager, came over to our table almost immediately after we were seated and explained the process with which the pizzas were made and the lengths they go to to avoid cross-contamination.  They only make the pizzas in the AM (or prepare them), so that it can be done in an area that is “sterile”.  They don’t recommend adding any additional toppings as they can’t guarantee that anything from the line would be GF after the restaurant has opened.  It was so nice and refreshing to dine out some place where they “get it”.  I will definitely be going back, to dine-in or carry-out.  This place isn’t super close to us, but is worth the drive when that pizza craving must be met!  🙂  I am off to write a letter of “THANKS” to Uno Chicago Grill for taking the time to accommodate those of us on a GF diet and putting in the effort to make sure that we can dine safely.

So, if you have a Uno Chicago Grill close by, stop on by and give this GF pizza a try.  🙂

Weekly Menu Plan ~ January 25, 2009

Here we are at the end of January.  Let the SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) begin.  I always thought that this was a joke in the past, but maybe there is something to it.  Boy, have I been cranky lately!  Maybe I should go hop in the tanning bed and get some “light therapy”!  Just kidding.  I’ll take a little sleepiness & crankiness over skin cancer.  I just hope that Mr. Groundhog doesn’t see his shadow next Monday and we have an early Spring!  That would be very, very much appreciated!  Hear that Punxsutawney Phil? 

On with the plan.  Nothing really special going on this week.  Just keep on keeping on.  Report cards are coming out Monday.  Hockey continues, as does figure skating. 

Sunday ~ Breakfast for dinner (omelets, sweet potato hash browns & toast)

Monday ~ Lemon Butter Tilapia, quinoa, sauteed okra & spinach salad

Tuesday ~ Bourbon Chicken, brown rice, steamed broccoli & salad.

Wednesday ~ Homemade Mac & Cheese w/quinoa pasta, baked beans, salad & veggies

Thursday ~ Herb Roasted Pork Loin roast, mashed potatoes, steamed sugar snap peas & salad

Friday ~ Homemade pizza (cheese & pepperoni) and salad.

Saturday ~ Pei Wei or leftovers

Baked Goods


Garlic Cheese Biscuits

Banana Bread


Manda over at Asparagus Thin is hosting this weeks’ GF Menu Swap.  🙂

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