Crock Pot Lady’s Taco Soup

If you haven’t checked out Stephanie’s web site before, you really must check it out.  Stephanie is know as “The Crock Pot Lady“.  Last year, 2008, Stephanie vowed to use her crock pot to make something in her crock pot every day for 1 year.  I love my crock pot and love this site.  A bonus?  Stephanie makes most things gluten-free because her daughter has Celiac Disease.  Of course I don’t mean it is a bonus that her daughter has Celiac, but that there is really no conversion of her recipes needed.  I have made several recipes from her site over the past year, but my favorite is this Taco Soup.

One reason that this recipe appealed to me is that there are no onions in it.  I could actually make the recipe exactly as stated for once!  WOOHOO!  That is a celebration in and of itself. I made the soup with ground turkey.  That combined with the beans & veggies made this a wonderfully healthy meal.  Low in fat, high in fiber.  I did have to put it in the food processor for the kids because they are not big on tomatoes, though they like ketchup, marinara sauce & chili.  They both liked the soup, though once Hannah found out there was corn in there, she was hesitant to continue to eat.  She likes corn, but by itself.  Definitely a mental issue for her.  I was very pleased with the way this turned out.  I froze over half of it in small portions so I would have some quick meals for nights when we are in a hurry. 

I look forward to trying more of Stephanie’s recipes.  🙂  I especially like some of the dessert ideas.  YUM!