Happy Birthday to ME!

Yesterday was my birthday.  I turned 29 for the 7th time.  πŸ˜‰  LOL!  I am officially half way to 72.  Whatever.  I feel better now than I have felt in years.  Mentally & physically.  Perhaps it is the exercise.   Perhaps it is a new year and possibilities on the horizon.  Who knows.  We had a couple of days of celebration.  Thursday night we met my Dad, Step Mom and little sister out for dinner at The Fish Market.  It was SO good!  They have an extensive GF menu.  Both Jon and I were able to enjoy meals & dessert.  I had a cedar plank salmon on top of eggplant & zucchini with portobella mushroom relish, sun-dried tomatoes and goat cheese.  It was so flavorful!  For dessert, they brought out an amazing creme brulee with fresh strawberries.  Jon had a grilled shrimp Caesar salad.  We had a wonderful time.



Last night Aaron & I went to Hyde Park Steakhouse.  Wow.  I can’t believe the options.  They were extremely well versed in the gluten-free diet, though they didn’t have a written menu.  I had a beefsteak & mozzarella salad with balsamic vinaigrette for my salad.  Then, our wonderful waiter brought me out a fruit & cheese plate because I obviously couldn’t eat the bread!  The fruit was blackberries, blueberries & strawberries.  There were 2 kinds of cheese…..a stilton with mango & ginger and an0ther, stronger white cheese, I don’t remember the name.  Both were excellent.  For my main course I had Chilean Sea Bass with Lemon Crystal Citrus Sauce, Potatoes Gruyere Gratin and steamed broccoli.  Divine.  Really, an amazing meal and even better knowing it was all gluten-free!  We headed home after our meal and had some awesome gluten-free carrot cake with cream cheese frosting that my Mother-in-law, Mary, made for me!  It was very sweet of her and the cake was TDF!  I have had several pieces already!  πŸ™‚ 





It was a wonderful birthday celebration!  A great way to welcome in the New Year and celebrate my turning a year older.  πŸ™‚

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