Review: Glutino Harvest Corn Loaf Bread

I have heard good things about this bread, so when I was at my local health food store a few weeks back, I decided to give it a try.  It wasn’t cheap by any means ~ $5.89/loaf.  I was out of bread at home and thought now was a good time. 

I got home and toasted up some of the bread in my toaster oven.  I made a deli turkey, cheese, lettuce & tomato sandwich out of the bread.  I dove right in.  The bread was not horrible by any means, but it wasn’t fantastic either.  I was more than a little disappointed.  Maybe my expectations were too high?  I don’t know.  I normally eat Pamela’s Wheat Free Bread that is made from a mix.  I make it in my bread machine.  So, maybe I am just spoiled.  I served this bread to my son, not telling him how I felt about the bread.  He said the same thing I did.  The next day I served him a grilled cheese sandwich on it and he said it was much better that way.  So, apparently just toasting the bread isn’t enough.  You apparently need to spread butter on it and then grill it.  It would probably also work well with french toast or stuffing for Thanksgiving or Christmas. 

4 Responses

  1. where can you buy his?? have not seen it in grocery store in my ara.

  2. Hi Wendy!

    I got it at a local health food store.

    You can check their website for a retailer near you or you can always get their stuff on

    Good luck! 🙂

  3. […] Glutino Harvest Corn Loaf is a decent bread.  It isn’t as good as some of the others I have mentioned here, but it gets the job done.  This bread is also found in the freezer section.  […]

  4. I just started on my GF diet and this is the first loaf of GF bread I have tried. It is inedible. No flavor, I think dried concrete is softer. What a waste of money.

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