Review: PerkyO’s Apple Cinnamon Cereal

Since I am still recovering you will see a lot more product reviews and a lot less cooking/baking from me for a short while. Part of this is because I am supposed to be taking it easy, the other part is because we received a very generous gluten-free care package from some friends and there are all kinds of gluten-free products to try and review in it!

Today I am going to review PerkyO’s Apple Cinnamon Cereal. This cereal is supposed to be similar to Cheerios. It has been so long since I have had Cheerios that I can’t honestly say if they taste anything like them or not. I can tell you that the PerkyO’s are very good. Not only do I like them, but Jon LOVES them! He begged for another box at the store yesterday. They are made from whole grain sorghum and have a nice apple cinnamon flavor. They are gluten and NUT free and vegan, too boot! They have 140 calories per 3/4 cup with 2 grams of fiber and 7 grams of sugar. I was also impressed by some of the vitamin stats….Calcium 30% of the RDA, Iron 20% of the RDA. While they are priced a little high in the local store I frequent ($4.99/box), they are very good and a nice, healthy treat.


6 Responses

  1. Are they more like Apple Jacks? A is for apple…

  2. I tasted them – they don’t have nearly as much apple taste as Apple Jacks. They are very close to Cheerio’s – plus a hint of apple.

  3. So glad your surgery is over.

    And I thought my only choice was Rice Chex! I’ve tried some GF cereals in the past and have ended up throwing out the box. Will try this one.

    P.S. I made onion rings a few days ago. They were incredible. I soaked my onions slices in buttermilk and dredged them through GF flour. I mixed a little rice flour with some GF mixture. I fried them in canola oil. I made a dip I’d watched Paula Deen make. I didn’t measure. Mayo, little ketchup, (she used a TBS or so of bottled chili sauce), I didn’t have any, so I added a little chili powder, and I think I added cayenne pepper. The color was light, not red like ketchup.

    Really, this was delicious.


  4. Thanks Julie!

    You can also have Fruity & Cocoa Pebbles, as far as cereals go. 😉

    Those onion rings sound amazing! 🙂


  5. Kel…

    I would say that Mom hit the button right on. Apple Jacks are much more sugary than these are.


  6. I like the Perk-O’s cereals also! I’m so glad for it as I have a little pincer-grasper in the house right now. I wish we could buy a box of Cheerios, but that doesn’t work does it? Perhaps General Mills will convert Cheerios like they did Rice Chex and make many moms happy.

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