Review: Gillian’s Apple Pie/Crisp

In our care package that we received last week, we got a real special treat: An Apple Pie/Crisp from Gillian’s Foods. What a perfect fall dessert and easy to prepare! Just pop into the oven for an hour and 20 minutes and it is done! The house smelled heavenly while it was baking. My Mom put it in the oven right before the kids started Trick or Treating on Friday night. After our dinner, both Jon and I dug into the apple goodness. The pie crust edges were a little too crisp, but the crust in the pie dish, topped with the apple mixture, was very good. This is a great go-to dessert. Nice to have on-hand in your freezer for a quick dessert with no work on your part. We topped with Cool Whip (the new stuff, in the can!), but ice cream would be yummy too!


5 Responses

  1. Where do you find this? It looks wonderful.

    I shared your blog with the manager of a local Kroger last week. He runs the Healthfood section and said he needs to learn more about GF food.


  2. IMPORTANT – Gillian’s frozen pie crusts SUCK. They actually taste worse than cardboard. Can’t speak to the box mix, but the ready-made is SO SO SO bad. STAY AWAY.

    • I have never just tried the pie crust alone. This was an actual dessert that was pre-made & frozen. It actually was pretty decent, though I have had better since.

      I prefer Whole Foods Gluten-free Bakehouse frozen pie crusts.

  3. I have been gluten free for 16 yrs .I have Celiac Sprue so i have try ed hard to find different good things to eat that are gluten free somethings have been a waste of time and money .My daughter Susan found your Apple Crisp Pie I was so happy.had to have it that night . I was so disappointed the crust around the edge was so brittle dry and hard ..Also so sweet could not taste apple flavor. to my dismay i ended up throwing it down the sink as no one in the family would eat it it was not just me .. I am sorry will not buy again Donna Tate

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